Comprehensive Software Storage

Quobyte for Video
and Media Production

Quobyte turns standard server hardware into a scalable, high-performance, and easy-to-use storage system for video production, rendering, and IPTV.


  • Scalable High-Performance: gain more capacity by just adding servers and benefit from aggregate throughput
  • All access: Quobyte allows for parallel file access on Windows and Linux and exports standard file interfaces as NFS and Amazon S3
  • Versatile: Quobyte can be deployed on dedicated servers or entire rendering clusters


  • Easy setup: Quobyte takes just an hour to set up. Then let its self-managing capabilities kick in for maximal convenience
  • Complete: Quobyte comes with built-in hardware management, monitoring, alerting, API, and a web UI
  • Safe data: end-to-end checksums are built-in and guarantee high availability and data protection

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Quobyte for Video and Media Production

Next-Generation Storage for Video and Media Production

With new formats and technologies, digital video is putting higher demands on production systems than ever before. Fortunately, progress in server hardware and network equipment didn’t stand still and current off-the-shelf technology fuels the production pipeline in all its steps from powerful workstations and encoder boxes to render farms.

What really gets hardware performance off the ground, though, is software. Quobyte’s software storage system allows you to truly benefit the progress made in hardware technology. It turns collections of standard server hardware and directly attached disks or flash drives into a high-performance storage system for video and other media data. The resulting storage infrastructure is scalable at will, just add any kind of hardware.

Based on latest parallel file system technology, Quobyte enables access to data with the aggregate bandwidth of the storage hardware used and avoids any of the storage appliance bottlenecks. To profit from maximum throughput, Quobyte can also be deployed on the very same servers that do the rendering.

Quobyte complements its raw power with a level of data safety and availability that’s second to none: it has no single point of failure and its built-in end-to-end checksumming and split-brain safety protect your data against the vagaries of physical hardware. It protects data with quorum replication and erasure coding on a per-file level, and makes nightmares like double-disk failures in RAID setups a thing of the past.

Last but not least, Quobyte is very easy to use. It can be set up in an hour and comes with hardware management, monitoring and alerts, and a powerful browser-based console. But since Quobyte is largely self-managing, you won’t get to enjoy that console very often after all.


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