Secure, Persistent Storage for Kubernetes

Quobyte is a parallel distributed POSIX file system for running demanding scale-out applications like machine learning or analytics on Kubernetes.


Scalable Performance through Scale-Out

Start with four servers and scale to thousands. We have built Quobyte on a highly scalable, decentralized architecture that scales linearly: You can add more servers to get more IOPS, throughput and capacity at any time. 2x hardware = 2x performance. Your budget might limit your scale, but Quobyte won't.

Deploy Anywhere

Quobyte seamlessly integrates into your tech stack, whether you’re running on-prem Kubernetes, OpenShift, GKE, on the cloud, or any hybrid configuration. Quobyte just works on almost any x86 server.

Cloud Native Storage

Quobyte turns storage into just another application on your Kubernetes cluster. Making administration of storage a breeze. Quobyte provides persistent volumes to consumers in Kubernetes and can run itself on k8s.

Ready to get Started with the Free Edition?

The Quobyte Free Edition includes 150 TB HDD and 30 TB SSD - free forever.
On your own servers, on the cloud and for production.

Install the Free Edition

You need a minimum of 4 machines or one cloud VM to get started. Copy&paste the following command to your Linux shell to start the interactive installer:

wget;bash install

Read more about how to install Quobyte with our installer, on kubernetes and the public clouds.

Instant Demo

Run a Quobyte demo inside a single container. No install required and you're up and running in a heartbeat. You can even access the Quobyte client from outside the container:

curl | bash

Read more about this demo in our blog post.

Watch the Demo

Key Features for Kubernetes

Quobyte is a complete storage solution for enterprises and demanding research environments. Check out our complete feature list:

  • Container-native storage with a shared file system
  • Storage that runs inside of containers for greater flexibility
  • Quobyte Volume plugin for Kubernetes enables a cluster-wide storage mount
  • Secure storage access for containers with end-to-end data encryption
  • Scalable to thousands of nodes provides the performance demanding applications, such as machine learning or analytics
  • High performance, low latency, and parallel throughput
  • Minimal management overhead for maximum operational efficiency

Learn more about Kubernetes with Quobyte

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