Video Surveillance Storage

Quobyte is a cost-effective and scalable storage solution that can be deployed anywhere, any x86 server, any cloud. Besides being able to deploy anywhere, Quobyte linearly scales your performance and capacity as you add resources to your cluster.

Deploy Anywhere®

Use any x86 server or the public cloud to deploy Quobyte or use a hybrid approach combining both on-prem and in the cloud. Whichever you choose, Quobyte gives you and your users the same environment, no matter where your infrastructure is located.

24/7/365 availability
Quobyte scales linearly

Scalable High-Performance

A Quobyte cluster scales linearly so you can always add more hardware to get more performance - and capacity, without diminishing returns. Quobyte's linear performance scaling without bottlenecks makes it easy to deliver what your users need. So, when your users need more performance, you just simply add hardware.

Cost-effective Storage

High-performance for ingesting and analysis and cost-effective long-term storage doesn't have to be a contradiction. Quobyte combines Flash and HDD in the same cluster so you can deliver massive throughput and low latency as well as cost-effective long-term storage from the same system and namespace.

Cost-effective storage

Data Protection With 360 Security

Quobyte delivers security that goes far beyond traditional storage solutions: End-to-end data encryption, unified ACLs, TLS, X.509 certificates, and more to protect your data from unauthorized access. Additionally, Quobyte offers features such as immutability and expiration which help you to make sure you comply with data regultations.

Data Sovereignty

With Quobyte, you keep full control over your data so you can do anything you want with it. This way, you don't have to rely on a vendor to analyze or to process your data. This also means that you don't have to worry about vendor lock-in for your data.

NAS consolidation with Quobyte

More Quobyte Features For Video Surveillance

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud support
Quobyte runs on-prem or in the cloud. With our tools like volume mirroring and the data mover you can sync clusters in different data centers, including in the cloud.

Optimized for ML/AI

Optimized for AI/ML workloads
Quobyte helps you maximize your investment in GPUs: scale-out performance for low latency at scale, optimal handling of large data files, and a native TensorFlow plugin.

HA and Fault Tolerance

Non-disruptive maintenance
Perform software updates, repair broken hardware, add/remove servers, run rebalances, and complete data movement with no maintenance windows.

Policy-based data management

Immutable Files
Admins can configure policies to automatically make files immutable after creation or to prevent deletion forever or for a pre-defined timespan.

Unified Storage

File and Object Storage in one
Quobyte's unique single namespace lets users share data between the two protocols simultaneously. No need to copy data between storage silos and waste resources.

Automatic file tiering

Automatic and transparent tiering between media types and clusters. Plus automatic re-coding for archival.

API first & automation

All aspects of Quobyte can be controlled through the API, making it easy to automate storage operations from provisioning volumes to charge back to users.

X.509 certificates

Protect your storage from unauthorized access without having to trust the network. Admins can restrict certificates to specific users, similar to a root squash. This allows users that have root access on their workstations to access the storage as just that user.


Quobyte quotas have been designed for scalability and minimal performance impact. Admins can configure quotas per storage tier for capacity, number of files, and volumes for users, groups, a volume, or tenants. Default quotas can be configured on the same levels, per tenant.

Snapshots and object versions

Snapshots creation and expiration can be configured through policies and by volume (e.g. only for home volumes). Snapshots are user-accessible and are connected to S3/object versions.


Quobyte supports LDAP for the management layer, for the file system (client-side translation), and for S3 access keys.

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