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Low-Latency Storage for OpenStack

Great performance, and efficient management at scale for block, file, and object storage

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Scale-out performance

Get the low latency scale-out performance that your Virtual Machines (VMs) require with Quobyte by simply adding more servers to handle more VMs or to provide more storage capacity. Not just that but Quobyte can also deliver high-performance low-latency storage to yur VMs.

Unified storage

With Quobyte, you can now have block (Cinder/Nova), object (S3), and file systems (Manila) in one storage system that’s easy to use and fully integrated with OpenStack. That way, you can manage a single storage system for all your use cases with different interfaces and use your resources more efficiently.

Combine Flash and HDD

Quobyte allows you to use flash and hard drives on commodity hardware so that you can reduce your storage cost. In addition, you can use policies to automatically have your VMs on flash, or to place small objects on flash, and large objects on hard drives.

Non-disruptive anything

Enjoy 24/7 uptime with Quobyte’s non-disruptive anything. Add or remove hardware from your cluster or perform updates with no maintenance windows. Additionally, with Quobyte’s data resiliency, you can be assured your data will be available all the time.

Naturally self-healing

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