Low-Latency Storage for OpenStack – And So Much More

What if you had block, file, and object storage wrapped into one storage system that’s easy to use and fully integrated with OpenStack? Quobyte has it all and more.

Block, file, and object storage, great performance, and efficient management at scale

OpenStack Quobyte architecture overview

OpenStack continues to be a demanding environment to set up and maintain. For all the benefits it delivers, there’s the cost of complexity. Still, OpenStack is one of today’s most widely used cloud frameworks in production. In order to truly succeed with the cloud operating system, a solid storage foundation is essential to ensure reliable, scalable, and flexible services with 24/ availability. Quobyte delivers on every single point and integrates fully with OpenStack.


Yahoo! JAPAN: A Unified Storage Solution for a Large-Scale Private Cloud

At the OpenStack Summit 2018 in Berlin, Yahoo! JAPAN spoke about how they use Quobyte to expand their capabilities to leverage vast data stores – they routinely provide access support for over 90 million devices a day.

Watch the video and learn how embracing OpenStack and Quobyte as the foundation of their next generation platform has helped them meet these challenges and continue to be the most visited site in the country.

  • All-in-one: block storage (Cinder/Nova), object storage (S3), and file systems (Manila) in one storage system
  • Complete: Quobyte comes with built-in hardware management, monitoring, alerting, API and UI
  • Ready for production: self-managing, elastic, scalable, with checksumming, no single point of failure and split-brain safe
  • Excellent performance: Quobyte’s block storage technology maximizes the effective performance of your storage hardware
  • Hyperconverged: you’ll be all set for shared compute-storage hosts
  • Versatile: our unique policy engine easily handles heterogeneous hardware platforms (HD and SSD)
Fully Integrated with OpenStack
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  • Drivers for Cinder, Nova, and Manila
  • Complete S3 interface with Keystone integration
  • Integrated with Keystone for easy management

Quobyte is part of all OpenStack distributions since the Kilo release.