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If your data storage system isn’t solid, then you can’t expect your AI or ML project to be successful. You need a reliable and high performing software storage solution that can scale limitlessly as your data needs increase.

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Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) workloads need high-performance and exceptional scalable software storage that can hold multi-petabytes while supporting simultaneous parallel file access from hundreds of nodes. Enter Quobyte. Quobyte’s fast and efficient storage software solution helps some of the world’s brightest AI and ML minds to maximize the management and utilization of the data they collect.

Limitless Scalability

With Quobyte, you have the ability to start with a small cluster, and expand it later based on demand. With linear scaling, you get twice the performance and capacity when you double your resources. If you add more GPUs or need more capacity, just add resources to your cluster with no disruptions.

Scale linearly
Ransomware protection

Reliably access your data

Whether you need to access your data from Windows, MacOS, Linux, Hadoop, etc., Quobyte’s broad platform support enables you to easily access data in any stage of your AI or deep learning pipeline: collect data, edit it, train or retrain models, make predictions and store your results.

Edge and Hybrid Cloud

With the ability to deploy anywhere, you can choose an on-prem, in the cloud, or a hybrid cloud deployment – part on-prem and part in the cloud. With Quobyte, you get both edge and hybrid cloud storage.

Real infrastructure software-defined storage
Faster scale-out workload

Receive High-performance

Get the most out of your GPUs with high throughput performance from Quobyte. Access your data in parallel and eliminate any bottlenecks or limitations to the number of clients, while delivering data to clients at maximum performance from the underlying hardware.

Keep it Secure

Whether you handle sensitive data or work with multiple customers, Quobyte keeps your data secured from unauthorized access at all times. Quobyte protects your data both at-rest and in-flight so you can have the peace of mind that your data will always be safe.

No need to trust the network

Custom Metadata with Fast Query Engine

The Quobyte File Query Engine lets users quickly scan billions of files for all kinds of metadata, including custom metadata such as extended attributes and S3 metadata. Custom metadata can store text and numeric values, so you can label your data without any extra metadata files.

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