Storage for Life Sciences

Need a scalable high-performance storage for demanding applications like genomics, cryo-EM, and medical imaging? Then you need Quobyte.

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Whether it’s faster genome sequencers, automated microscopes, or cryo-electron microscopy, life science applications have created an ever-increasing amount of valuable data. Analysis tools – including machine learning – require fast and parallel access to the data sets.

Quobyte provides high-performance storage that enables different groups to collaborate, it allows you to scale with your demands while optimizing your storage cost, and offers advanced data security, thus empowering your researchers to deliver faster results.

Data sharing without boundaries

Enable your users to collaborate and share data with Quobyte’s unified storage: give them access to data for any application and stop wasting resources on multiple copies of the same data. Since Quobyte combines file and object in a single namespace, your users can access data from any interface.

Real infrastructure software-defined storage
Scale linearly

Grow your storage with demand

You can scale your storage by adding disks and servers when needed. Quobyte provides you with linear scaling so you can grow your storage capacity and performance – with no downtime – whenever you add new microscopes, more compute, or have to store results longer, just add more resources to your storage and Quobyte will linearly increase your performance and capacity.

High-performance for faster results

Quobyte delivers exceptional performance for your small files, high throughput and capacity for large files – on commodity hardware – helping you to deliver faster results and optimize the utilization of your GPU or compute cluster. In addition, it enables you to fulfill the storage demands of AI/ML by providing high-performance for small file handling and capacity for large files.

Faster scale-out workload

Storage cost optimization

With Quobyte you can reduce your storage cost while obtaining high-performance. Quobyte allows you to combine flash and hard drive in the same cluster so you can deliver massive throughput and low latency as well as to optimize your storage cost.

Hybrid cloud support

Quobyte runs on-prem or in the cloud. With the data mover you can sync clusters in different data centers, including in the cloud.

Real infrastructure software-defined storage

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Quobyte Features for Life Science

Quobyte makes storage simple. Easy install, and automated operations let you manage your storage easily.

Quobyte delivers file system access from Linux, macOS, and Windows from the same namespace. That way, your users can access data from any system.

Optimize the performance and space utilization of your applications. Reconfigure storage on the fly or recode files for archival.

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