Storage for Life Sciences

Quobyte provides scalable high-performance storage for demanding applications like genomics, cryo-EM, and medical imaging.

Whether it's faster genome sequencers, automated microscopes, or cryo-electron microscopy, life science applications have created an ever-increasing amount of valuable data. Analysis tools - including machine learning - require fast and parallel access to the data sets.

Quobyte provides high-performance storage that scales with your demands while being easy to use and cost-effective, thus empowering your researchers to deliver faster results.

Never outgrow your storage: Scalable performance and capacity

From 100 TB to 100 PB and beyond: Quobyte provides linear scaling so you can grow your storage capacity and performance when you add new microscopes, more compute, or have to store results longer. No need for forklift upgrades or downtime, you can scale your storage by adding disks and servers when needed.

Quobyte scales linearly
Parallel file system

High-performance for faster results

Quobyte delivers exceptional performance for small files and throughput workloads – on commodity hardware – helping you to deliver faster results and optimize the utilization of your GPU or compute cluster.

Cost-effective storage

High-performance for ingesting and analysis and cost-effective long-term storage doesn't have to be a contradiction. Quobyte combines Flash and HDD in the same cluster so you can deliver massive throughput and low latency as well as cost-effective long-term storage from the same system and namespace.

Cost-effective storage
24/7/365 availability

Easy to use: You can even download and try it today

Quobyte is real software storage. It is so easy to install and use that we made it available for download – for free. It is out of the box fully fault-tolerant so you can deliver 24/7 storage without downtime, even when you run updates or do hardware maintenance.

Data sharing without boundaries

Sharing data across protocols and platforms has never been easier: Quobyte delivers file system access from Linux, macOS, and Windows and S3/object from the same namespace. Give your users access to data from any application and protocol and stop wasting resources on multiple copies of the same data.

Data sharing
Install Quobyte with Automated Installer

Quobyte named Top 5 Storage Solution for Life Science by DCIG

More Quobyte Features For Life Science Storage

360 Security

360 Security for your Data
End-to-end data encryption, TLS support, Unified ACLs, and X.509 certificates are just a few examples of how Quobyte provides exceptional security for your data.

Unified Storage

File and Object Storage in one
Let your users decide how they want to access their data. Quobyte's unique single namespace lets users share data between the two protocols simultaneously. No need to copy data between storage silos and waste resources.

HA and Fault Tolerance

HA and fault-tolerance built-in
Synchronous replication and Erasure Coding across machines and racks to protect your data and deliver the highest availability with automatic failover. No SPOFs, no downtime.

Policy-based data management

Policy-based data placement
Optimize the performance and space utilization of your applications. Reconfigure storage on the fly or recode files for archival.

Automatic file tiering

Automatic and transparent tiering between media types and clusters, plus automatic re-coding for archival.

Flash and HDD

Multi-Tenancy for real storage infrastructure
Isolate groups and departments on a logical level for enhanced security and to give them the illusion of their own storage system. The Policy engines enable hardware isolation between tenants on the drive or server level.

Small and Large files

Automatically handles small and large files in the same file system
Small files onto flash, large files erasure-coded onto HDD, and automatic switching as files grow.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud support
Quobyte runs on-prem or in the cloud. With the data mover you can sync clusters in different data centers, including in the cloud.

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