Storage for Life(science)

Quobyte provides scalable storage that simplistically aids in genomic and microscopy breakthroughs.

Capture, Save, Process, and Share

Unified storage for an optimized post-production workflow

Next-Generation DNA Sequencing (NGS) and modern microscopes have benefited greatly from technological advances in the last decade. Sequencer performance significantly drove down the cost per base pair and today’s automated imaging microscopes replaced the optical and manually operated microscopes with the help of Automated Tissue Processors (ATP) that slice and mount specimens.

This progression brought with it a tremendous decrease in the unit cost per test. But the millions of FASTQ files need high-IOPS during sequence alignment runs (BLAST, Bowtie, MAQ). And high-res microscopy images have become truly massive. Consequently, storage admins in Bio IT are facing an explosion in the performance and capacity requirements to support modern research centers.

Save Valuable Time on Tasks

A Quobyte cluster supports hundreds of sequencers simultaneously and handles billions of base pairs per hour. As processing of these files moves to the IO-intensive alignment phase, our parallel file access cuts down the duration of this long-running task. And should you need to run Big Data analytics, our storage system offers a Hadoop driver.

Universal Access to Your Data

Our native Windows client delivers the throughput you need for your genome sequencing and microscope workloads. Connect your Windows, Mac or Linux workstations and directly access the very same files. No migration, no duplication, no data movement required. Transparently migrate older files to an erasure coded volume to save space. Or serve them up for shared research and analytics via our stateless S3 proxy – which delivers unrivaled throughput and linear scalibility.

Full Device-Level Control

Need to keep your proprietary research isolated? Specify exactly which hardware is accessible, and by whom – all the way down to the individual drive. Quobyte’s full support for multi-tenancy gives administrators total control over where the data resides. And with on-the-fly reconfigurability changes take only minutes, with zero downtime.