Storage that Unleashes the Power of Your Kubernetes Clusters

Quobyte is cloud native storage and fully integrated with Kubernetes.

Kubernetes (also known as k8s) eases the burden of configuring, deploying, managing, and monitoring even the largest-scale containerized applications by orchestrating and automating container operations. But to ensure the data is persisted, you need a cloud-native software storage solution that's well integrated with Kubernetes. You need Quobyte.

Quobyte’s distributed file system not only provides persistent volumes but is designed with scalability in mind to cope with the requirements of modern enterprise and scale-out workloads.

Persistent Volumes That Work for Your Stateful Applications

Quobyte provides persistent volumes for all use-cases - from low latency flash storage classes for transactional databases to shared volumes for massive scale-out workloads like machine learning, big data analytics or video transcoding. Doing so without the bottlenecks of block storage or NFS gateways.

Scale out storage for kubernetes
Deploy Anywhere

Cloud Native Storage That You Can Deploy Anywhere

Quobyte runs entirely in kubernetes or directly on Linux servers or VMs. No matter if it's on dedicated storage nodes or shared with other containers, in your own data center on prem or on the public clouds, you get the same reliability, performance and ease of use wherever your infrastructure runs.

Real Security for Kubernetes Persistent Volumes

Quobyte comes with multiple layers of security to ensure data protection, including end-to-end encryption, TLS, X.509 certificate support or ACLs. In addition, Quobyte and the Quobyte CSI plugin support secure access tokens to ensure proper access control on readwritemany (shared) persistent volumes.

Security with AES, TLS, X.509 for Kubernetes
Storage Infrastructure

Storage Infrastructure for Container Infrastructures

Kubernetes is an amazing tool to build container infrastructures for a broad range of enterprise use-cases and applications. Quobyte provides you with storage infrastructure to enhance your kubernetes: Multi-tenancy support that maps onto kubernetes namespaces, oversubscription to ensure to minimize cost and automation that integrates well with kubernetes.

Fault-tolerance and High Availability

Quobyte protects your data across machines using erasure coding, synchronous replication and asynchronous geo replication to ensure that your applications can run 24/7 with zero downtime. Rolling updates, software reconfiguration or data migrations are all non-disruptive, so you can manage your storage like any other kubernetes application.

24/7/365 availability
24/7/365 availability

Instant Demo

Run a Quobyte demo in a container, no install and up & running in a minute.


More Quobyte Features For Your Kubernetes Cluster

CSI logo

Quobyte CSI Plugin
Automatic storage provisioning with support for quotas and snapshots.

Read more on github

Helm logo

Quobyte Helm Chart
Fully automated installation and updates of entire Quobyte clusters.

Read more on github

Scalable Performance Icon

Scalable Performance
Quobyte delivers scalable performance to demanding applications without bottlenecks like NFS gateways or block storage.

Easy migration and failover
Each volume is accessible concurrently from all nodes so you can easily move your containers or restart an application on any node.

Policy-based data management
Optimize the performance and space utilization of your applications. Reconfigure storage on the fly or recode files for archival.

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Native HDFS driver
High performance storage for big data analytics in kubernetes clusters.

Flash and HDD in one cluster
Optimize cost and performance: Quobyte can combine flash and HDD even inside the same file and transparently migrate data between the tiers.

Unified Storage Icon

Unified Storage
Access the same data via any protocol: File system, Object/S3, HDFS, Windows and more.