High-Performance Computing Storage

Quobyte is the world’s easiest parallel file system enabling you to operate high-performance storage at scale with a small team.

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Scalable performance

Parallel file system for high-performance storage

Quobyte is a true HPC distributed parallel file system with native drivers for Linux, MPI-IO, Windows, Hadoop, Object/S3, and other platforms. Users can share data from a single namespace between file and object.

Easy to operate at scale

Run your storage 24/7 with no maintenance windows – thanks to Quobyte’s 100% non-disruptive operations. Perform software updates, repair broken hardware, add/remove servers, run rebalances, and complete data movement all while your storage delivers full performance.

Operate clusters anywhere

Consolidate your HPC storage silos

Stop wasting your time and resources managing multiple storage systems and serve scratch space, home and object from one storage system. Quobyte brings the features you need: Hardware isolation, tiering, multi-tenancy, file and object in the same namespace, and a fast metadata query engine.

Performance that scales linearly

When your users need more performance you simply add hardware. Quobyte’s linear performance scaling without bottlenecks makes it easy to deliver what your users need, instantly: 2x hardware = 2x IOPS, throughput, capacity.

Scale linearly

Deploy anywhere®

Use any x86 server with HDD and/or flash, the cloud, or a combination of your choosing. You can even mix different server types and generations in the same cluster. Start with your existing hardware and add more (non-disruptively, of course) when you need it.

Happy Customers Speak

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I love the model that allows you to scale with your dollars and your return … That’s why we love Quobyte. And the support is enterprise-class, top notch.


Chris Sullivan

Assistant Director for Biocomputing at Oregon State University’s Center for Genome Research and Biocomputing

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Quobyte Features For Modern HPC Storage

HPC admins have to deal with a wide variety of applications and home-grown code that produces various IO patterns. With Auto File Layouts Quobyte writes small files on flash with replication and then seamlessly switches to erasure coding (on HDD or flash) as the file grows. This optimizes performance and space utilization for all types of applications and even mixed file sizes.

Read our CEO’s take on how HPC can learn from the hyperscalers for more efficient operations.

Quobyte runs on-prem or in the cloud. With our tools like volume mirroring and the data mover you can sync clusters in different data centers, including in the cloud. Read more about the Quobyte data mover here.

Striped files use the aggregated performance of several servers and can deliver 10s of GB/s on a single file. Striping works for replicated files and is always enabled for erasure-coded files.

Quobyte supports file range locks (fcntl) and Windows file locks. Locks are handled in a decentralized fashion for maximum scalability.

Snapshots creation and expiration can be configured through policies and by volume (e.g. only for home volumes). Snapshots are user-accessible and are connected to S3/object versions.

Quobyte provides scale-out high-performance storage to OpenStack and Kubernetes infrastructures.

All aspects of Quobyte can be controlled through the API, making it easy to automate storage operations from provisioning volumes to charge back to users.

Protect your storage from unauthorized access without having to trust the network. Admins can restrict certificates to specific users, similar to a root squash. This allows users that have root access on their workstations to access the storage as just that user.

Quobyte comes with a range of enterprise-level security features for demanding HPC applications, e.g. when HIPAA compliance is needed, or when dealing with personal data: End-to-end AES encrypted volumes, NFSv4 ACLs that are enforced across all platforms or TLS protected communication.

Quobyte quotas have been designed for scalability and minimal performance impact. Admins can configure quotas per storage tier for capacity, the number of files, and volumes for users, groups, a volume, or tenants. Default quotas can be configured on the same levels, per tenant.

Quobyte implements fairness between IO streams (files), between large and small writes, and metadata operations from different users. This ensures that a single user can’t monopolize the storage system.

Detailed per-application performance analytics tell you in real-time what’s happening on the cluster. This includes information about IOPS, throughput, file creates, deletes, readdirs, and more.

Optimize the performance and space utilization of your applications. Reconfigure storage on the fly or recode files for archival.

Automatic and transparent tiering between media types and clusters. Plus automatic re-coding for archival.

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