Storage for Financial Modeling and Backtesting

Stay ahead in the hyper-competitive financial market with Quobyte’s ultra reliable, high-performance storage..

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Faster scale-out workload

Faster results with high-performance storage

Running millions of strategies against years of historical tick data requires storage that scales out. Since Quobyte supports simultaneous parallel file access from 10s of thousands of compute nodes it significantly reduces your time spent on backtesting so you can get your results faster.

Grow your storage based on demand

Stay ahead of your ever-increasing workloads by linearly growing both capacity and performance with Quobyte. Since storage nodes can be added live it eliminates the need for reconfiguration downtime so your clients can immediately make use of the added resources.

Scale linearly

Take your storage where your business is

Staying ahead of the competition requires out-of-the-box thinking; therefore, you need a storage system that can handle all of your workloads. With Quobyte, you can run a wide variety of workloads, and can do so on-prem, in the cloud, or hybrid cloud.

24/7 Availability

In such a competitive market, idle time translates to money loss. To stay ahead of your competition, your storage system should provide you with non-disruptive operations. Quobyte offers 24/7 uptime, which means there are no maintenance windows, or downtime during upgrades, so your data is available at all times.

Real infrastructure software-defined storage

Share data without limitations

To be as efficient as possible, you need to access your data from any tool or framework that you use. Quobyte’s unified storage access combines file and object in the same namespace enabling you to access your data from any interface; that way, you can use your data with any workload you come up with.

Keep it Secure

Keeping your valuable data secured should not be an afterthought. You need to keep it away from unauthorized access such as users who shouldn’t have access to your data and from cybercriminals as well. Quobyte keeps your data secured at all times so that you can fully focus on your trading strategies.

No need to trust the network

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