Storage for Enterprise Analytics and Big Data

They say that big data holds the answers, but what’s holding your big data?

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No matter what you call it – big data, enterprise analytics or a data lake – workloads with large data sets and analytic tools have evolved through the years becoming a mix of both large and small files, stored on-prem and in the cloud. Not just that but the speed at which those files need to be securely accessed from any location has increased and frankly Hadoop/HDFS doesn’t cut it anymore. So, what’s a better solution? Quobyte.

Say, so long to silos

With Quobyte you can free your data from the Hadoop/HDFS data silo as well as share data across all applications via HDFS-API (hadoop, spark…), S3 (object) and regular Linux, Windows, macOS file system.

Faster scale-out workload

High-performance for all workloads

Quobyte also delivers low latency for small files and maximum throughput for large files and can serve Hadoop, spark, ML/AI and traditional HPC applications from the same cluster. Quobyte’s cutting-edge technology allows you to use NVMes, SSDs and HDDs in the same cluster to optimize your storage costs.

Scale linearly

Quobyte is designed to efficiently handle billions of files and hundreds of petabytes and can distribute data across all your nodes so you get linear scalability of performance, metadata, data, capacity and IOPS while avoiding the namenode limitations of Hadoop/HDFS.

Scale linearly
No need to trust the network

Your data is secure

Working with large amounts of data comes with a lot of responsibilities. That’s why Quobyte protects your data across all interfaces with end-to-end data encryption, X.509 certificate support, optional TLS, unified ACLs and Multi-Tenancy. Not only that, but  Quobyte also makes it easy to securely share data across departments and groups.

Hybrid cloud support

Quobyte runs on-prem or in the cloud. With the data mover you can sync clusters in different data centers, including in the cloud.

No diminishing returns

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