Storage for Enterprise Analytics and Big Data

Move over HDFS. There’s a new kid in town.

Enterprise analytic workloads have changed through the years evolving to become a mix of both large and small files, stored on-prem and in the cloud. Not just that but the speed at which those files need to be securely accessed from any location has increased and frankly HDFS doesn’t cut it anymore. So, what’s the alternative? Quobyte.

With Quobyte’s native driver for analytics you get the benefits of modern software-defined storage without the limitations of outdated HDFS. You get scalable and easy to manage storage for large amounts of data so that you can run big data analytic workloads like Hadoop and Spark or even machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). Since Quobyte looks like HDFS to applications and users there’s no need for any modification to your current application. So don’t settle for the few benefits of HDFS when you can get those and more with Quobyte.

Why you need Quobyte for your Enterprise Analytics workload:

Data Sharing

Free your data from the HDFS data silo, share data across all applications via HDFS-API (hadoop, spark…), S3 (object) and regular Linux, Windows, macOS file system. Quobyte delivers low latency for small files and maximum throughput for large files and can serve hadoop, spark, ML/AI and traditional HPC applications from the same cluster.

Data sharing across protocols
Native HDFS driver

Native Driver for Maximum Performance and Easy Integration

Quobyte's native HDFS-compatible driver runs in user space and supports parallel IO, striping, erasure coding, automatic failover and hadoop-style locality giving you scalable performance without bottlenecks for all your applications.


Quobyte is designed to efficiently handle billions of files and can distribute data across all your nodes so you get linear scalability of performance, metadata, data, capacity and IOPS while avoiding the namenode limitations of HDFS.

Quobyte offers linear scaling of performance and capacity
Quobyte deploy anywhere, any server, any cloud.

Deploy Anywhere

Quobyte’s real software storage runs with flash or HDDs on any x86 server, the cloud or a hybrid of the two. You can deploy Quobyte on dedicated storage servers or on your hadoop nodes and take advantage of data locality.


Working with large amounts of data comes with responsibility. Quobyte protects your data across all interfaces with end-to-end data encryption, X.509 certificate support, optional TLS, unified ACLs and Multi-Tenancy. Read more

Security Layers with TLS, X.509 and Encryption.

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