Quobyte's Storage Explained

Learn more about the concepts, protocols and technologies in enterprise storage.

File Storage vs. Object Storage: What’s the Difference and Why it Matters
File storage and object storage are two ways to store and share large amounts of storage.

What is the Network File System (NFS)?
The NFS protocol was designed to allow several client machines to transparently access a file system on a single server.

What is a scale-out file system or scale-out NAS?
Scale-out refers to the ability of a system to scale certain dimensions when you add more components. In a storage or file system - sometimes also called scale-out NAS - these components are hard drives (hard disk, NVMe) and servers.

What is high performance computing (HPC) storage?
High performance computing is the field of IT that deals with solving large - often scientific problems or research problems - using large supercomputers or compute clusters.

SAN vs. NAS vs. Object Storage
Enterprise storage systems are divided into three categories today: SAN, NAS and Object. Like most storage systems, each one has both advantages and disadvantages.

What is a POSIX file system?
The POSIX standard describes how system calls must behave, and to what degree one section defines the semantics (behavior) of a POSIX compatible file system.

What is a Distributed File System (DFS)?
DFS (distributed file system) as the name suggests, is a file system that is distributed on multiple file servers or multiple locations.

What is a Parallel File System?
The term parallel file system is used in two ways: The ability to do IO in parallel to multiple servers or specific IO patterns of parallel HPC applications.

RAID, EC, Replication: Data Protection in Storage Systems
Data protection is the process of safeguarding important information from corruption, compromise or loss using technologies like RAID, Erasure Coding or Replication.

What is Unified Storage?
Unified storage refers to storage systems that make data accessible via multiple protocols.

What is the Hadoop File System (HDFS)?
The Hadoop File System is part of Hadoop and many other big data frameworks.