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Founded by industry veterans, including Jeremy Bircher, Remotely Studio has its roots deeply embedded in the challenges and intricacies of media post-production. With 30 years of industry experience combined, they were all too familiar with the glaring inefficiencies in the sector, which they understood was ripe for disruption.

Remotely Studio’s primary offering is a cloud-based digital asset manager tailored to video content. Their goal is to reduce reliance on cumbersome portable hard drives and instead have post-production fully migrated to the cloud.

In the past, post-production companies had to physically transport hard drives to ensure the safe transfer of valuable content. Jeremy even recalls a time when he had to personally oversee the transportation of a hard drive on a flight to ensure its safe delivery to a studio.

With Remotely Studio, such logistical hassles become a thing of the past. Not only does the platform eliminate the need for physical media; it also paves the way for a remote-first workflow, revolutionizing the traditional infrastructure and processes of post-production.

The Challenge

In the rapidly evolving landscape of post-production, migrating to cloud-based digital asset management system is becoming an operational necessity. But there’s no denying the big challenges that innovative startups like Remotely Studio face. At the heart of these lies the need for a robust and efficient storage infrastructure that can handle the massive data footprints inherent to the industry. As Jeremy points out, raw video files typically weigh in at a gigabyte every few seconds. That means a popular reality TV show, for example, can amass data in the petabytes in just a few months, while large-scale movie productions can generate dozens of terabytes per day.

The traditional methods of managing this vast amount of data are not only cumbersome, but also fraught with inefficiencies. The challenge wasn’t just about storage, but ensuring easy and timely access to video content. The post-production process typically involves multiple nodes, from production to video editing, VFX artists, and producers. Each of these nodes generates and consumes vast amounts of data, thus the overarching challenge has long been to unite them in a cohesive and efficient manner. Enabling remote workflows in such a scenario depends on that. 


If I told you to close your eyes and imagine a film studio, you’d probably see a big room with people running around with huge machines and computers. Every industry that operated like that in the past has now undergone a revolution, but that hasn’t happened in filmmaking yet. 

Jeremy Bricher –  CEO at Remotely Studio


Jeremy, reflecting on their journey, also speaks about the transition from various storage solutions before finding Quobyte. His quest was to find a solution that could cater to the lofty data demands of the film industry, while ensuring efficiency, speed, and reliability.

The Solution

Jeremy evaluated several potential storage solutions before they finally chose Quobyte. Their first step was to identify a system that could offer the low latency of block storage, which they had previously achieved using a Mac server with fiber channel, but in a cloud environment with object storage. However, of the solutions they considered, some of which would cost millions of dollars, only Quobyte emerged as a viable contender.


What set Quobyte apart was its ability to offer a cost-effective file system that worked natively, ensuring low latency, redundancy, speed, and centralized management. This was vital for Remotely Studio’s operations, especially given the volume of video processing that their clients were doing. 


Jeremy speaks of an incident when he was using a program that couldn’t access their previous storage solution TrueNAS. They had to move files to a local hard drive for the program to function, which was hardly efficient given the file sizes involved. With Quobyte, they could effortlessly overcome such hurdles and continue using the program over the network.


Implementing Quobyte proved a smooth process. Jeremy emphasized the completeness and clarity of the documentation, which minimized the need for external assistance. That said, when questions did arise, he found Quobyte’s ticketing system and support team to be highly responsive and always ready to help. The level of support was a stark contrast to what they had experience with other solutions they’d evaluated.


The Result

Since integrating Quobyte into their workflow, Remotely has experienced a transformative improvement in their operations. Now equipped with a cloud-enabled centralized storage management solution, all their computers can work together from a single source. This has eliminated the need to split up data based on processing and data draw needs, unlike with the previous system they were using.

Since we began testing Quobyte last year, it’s transformed our operations. It provides us with a centralized storage platform for all our video files, allowing seamless collaboration across all our workstations. Previously, with solutions like TrueNAS, we had to segment our data based on processing needs. Now, with Quobyte, we can easily upscale by adding more servers, which resulted in an exponential enhancement in our efficiency. This leap forward has been achieved at a fraction of the cost, utilizing our existing hardware, and has significantly accelerated the delivery of our finished, processed files to our customers.

The scalability has also been a major advantage. As their needs grow, they can upscale easily by adding more servers, thus giving them a cost-effective way to expand. As Jeremy highlighted, Quobyte has enabled them to achieve a setup that’s around 20 times faster compared to the existing solutions their customers were previously using. This level of speed and efficiency has been instrumental in helping Remotely Studio deliver on their promise to provide top-tier post-production data management services at a fraction of the traditional cost.


Looking ahead, Remotely Studio plans to continue expanding and refining their operations and are actively exploring ways to further leverage Quobyte’s capabilities. This includes plans to establish their own private cloud infrastructure in co-hosted data centers, while partnering with companies like Wasabi for hyperscale. The versatility and adaptability of Quobyte’s solution has ultimately made it an ideal partner for Remotely Studio as they chart a path forward in the ever-changing world of post-production.

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