Create Files With Different Clients in Quobyte

In this short demo, we will be creating files with different clients in Quobyte. In our cluster, we are working with two clients.


Reading Time: 3 minutes

Step-by-Step Tutorial

  1. To start, we will ssh into the first client:

  2. Next, you can check the mounted file systems by running the “mount” command in your terminal:

  3. Now, cd into /quobyte/

    • If you are working on a new cluster, when you do an ls, you will notice that nothing is there
    • Create a volume if you do not have one already. If you need any help creating volumes, make sure to check our previous tutorial: Format Your Devices and Create Your First Volume
    • Now, if you do another ls, you will be able to see the brand new volume
    • Lastly, cd into your volume
  4. Next, we will create a file called "hello.txt" using vi:

    • You can add any text you to it, and save it.
  5. Now head back to your Volume in the Quobyte console. If you refresh it, you will see the new file in the volume. You will see a message that reads: “1 file is redundant across machines” and that it can tolerate downtime of a machine.

  6. Go back to the client machine and let’s create another file.
    • This time we will call it "second-test.txt":
    • Again, after creating, go back to your Volume in the Quobyte console. This time, check out the data devices, as well as the metadata devices being used in your volume.
  7. Let’s go back to the terminal and ssh into the second client.
    • Again, we will retrieve the clients list
    • ssh into the second client
    • Check the mounted file systems.
  8. Cd into /quobyte/ and do an ls. You should see the demo-volume that we created with the first client.

  9. Cd into the existing volume.
    • Now, if you do another ls, you will be able to see the files that we created with the first client.
  10. Let’s create a new file using our second client. We will call this file "second-client.txt"

  11. Add some text to your file and save it.
    • Do one more ls to make sure all 3 files are there.
  12. Let’s go back to the first client and do an ls
    • You should be able to see all 3 files.
  13. Now, if you go to the Quobyte Console, you will see all three files as well:

Video - Creating Files Using Different Clients

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