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Quobyte enhances storage infrastructures across industries in companies of all sizes.

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Airbus Defence &
Space Systems

Airbus is exploring new approaches to an infrastructure utilizing containers. They leverage Quobyte’s container-native software storage to ensure efficient operations and maintain the full flexibility of container infrastructures.

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Giant Swarm

Giant Swarm leverages Quobyte to reliably run and automate a high-performance and scalable storage base for their Kubernetes-based container infrastructure.

Quobyte exceeds our already high expectations in terms of storage performance and we’re thrilled about how smooth it runs.

Timo Derstappen, CTO and co-founder


HLRS uses Quobyte’s software storage to accelerate engineering and scientific breakthroughs. Quobyte simplifies storage management, delivers HPC-required parallel file system performance, and facilitates data ingest and processing.

The two crucial features – performance and scalability – are just part of what makes Quobyte the perfect storage system for HLRS. It’s the software’s multi-tenancy capabilities, fault tolerance, and manageability that are lifting it way above par.

Dr. Thomas Bönisch, Co-chair of the innovation group at HLRS


Global media services provider MX1 delivers audio-visual content for leading media companies – like ESPN or Facebook – over the world. Their Quobyte-based storage infrastructure ensures not only interruption-free playout but also guarantees the highest degree of data safety.

Quobyte is the rock-solid foundation on which our media applications are built. It allows us to focus on delivering content to our customers knowing with absolute confidence that the data is safe. Also, the real-time analytics provide us with a granular visibility that allows for an incredibly sophisticated storage management.

Markus Prahl, Vice President Global IT


OnOffice is a leading SaaS solution provider for real estate managers. Quobyte delivers reliable and scalable storage and handles their tens of millions of small files with ease. Essential for onOffice’s success is a highly available infrastructure base that performs well and scales out with ease.

After an easy installation, you can extend capacity as needed, rely on excellent performance, and benefit from extreme robustness – with everything wrapped into a single system: that’s what storage has to be like today.

Stefan Mantl, CEO


Points is the global leader in loyalty currency management. Via a state-of-the-art loyalty commerce platform, Points provides loyalty e-commerce and technology solutions to the world's top brands. Their migration from AWS to on-prem Kubernetes went smoothly by leveraging Quobyte’s benefits of scalability and ease of use.

We migrated to Kubernetes and Quobyte for scalability and performance reasons. The combo allowed us to significantly grow the volume of transactions while at the same time reducing transaction times. And the dashboard is one of the best things ever! Being able to easily understand exactly what’s going on in the storage cluster is worth its weight in gold.

Michael Laccetti, Principal Engineer


The Science and Technologies Facilities Council (STFC) is the UK’s biggest research IT provider and has selected Quobyte’s Data Center File System to manage the JASMIN Phase 4 super-data-cluster with an initial managed capacity of 42PB in storage. Thousands of users worldwide find, manipulate, and analyze data held on JASMIN, which processes an average of 1–3PB of data every day, and is expected to expand to 300PB by 2022.


SWITCH is a technology and service platform for the Swiss universities. They coordinate and work in security, networks, cloud services, e-learning, and more – always in close cooperation with the universities. Quobyte enables them to run their storage reliably and completely hands-free.


SysEleven is Germany’s most innovative managed hosting provider. Their public cloud infrastructure required high-performance scale-out storage. Adding a high degree of management automation, Quobyte delivers excellent performance and integrates seamlessly with their OpenStack deployment.

Quobyte​​ does what Ceph can't do: saturate the network and deliver write latency that matches what the network provides. All of that wrapped in API, CLI and GUI that can be automated.

Kristian Köhntopp, Senior Scalability Engineer

Universität Tübingen

The Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen is a German public research university located in the city of Tübingen in Germany’s south. It is one of the country’s most prestigious and oldest universities, noted in medicine and the natural sciences. Quobyte supports their branch of the German research cloud (de.NBI) – an IT infrastructure that provides scientists with the tools their research requires –, building the foundation for a 13PB OpenStack cluster.

A high-performance and reliable IT infra-structure is crucial to perform analyses with continuously growing data sets and Quobyte plays a key role in future-proofing our infrastructure.

Dr. Jens Krüger, Group Leader High Performance and Cloud Computing

Universität des Saarlandes

Saarland University is one of Germany’s top research universities, located in Saarland’s capital, Saarbrücken. The university is well known for research and education in computer science, computational linguistics, and bio-medicine. Quobyte provides the storage basis for research projects in experimental pharmacology and molecular physiology that require high throughput and high capacity for their work with virtual microscopy.


Virtion is a hosting and IT services provider that delivers optimized solutions ranging from application management to complete infrastructure setups. Quobyte is an essential part in their storage strategy, enabling high availability and lights out operations.

Yahoo! Japan

Yahoo! Japan has selected Quobyte to provide the storage platform for its data centers. Quobyte provides Yahoo!JAPAN with a massively scalable and fault-tolerant storage infrastructure that meets the needs of the internet giant as it increases its focus on application development and operation.

With the Quobyte Data Center File System we can use the all-flash hardware of our choice and are able to achieve the maximum performance of the drives and networking. And the scalable fault tolerance gives us the confidence we need to run as a scalable infrastructure.