Recommended Hardware for Quobyte

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Recommended Hardware

Quobyte provides your users and applications with the same high performance and reliable scale-out storage infrastructure on either bare metal x86 servers or your public cloud of choice. Use our features for data synchronization between clusters to combine on-prem and public cloud clusters into a grand unified global storage system.

For best results, use our recommended hardware and VM configurations. For custom configurations, such as those with separate metadata servers or to run multiple clusters, please talk to our engineers and partners.

Your choice of hardware and VMs depends on your workloads and performance requirements. You can mix different server types in a single Quobyte cluster, such as all flash for performance combined with dense HDD for archival, by utilizing our built-in policy based data management toolset.

All Flash Servers for High Performance

These servers are a great choice for intense workloads, including VMs, databases, and small file workloads. All flash is also a great choice if you need high throughput on a small amount of data or in a high-density configuration.

Most Enterprise and Datacenter NVMes will work with Quobyte. Consumer-grade NVMes without power protection must not be used with Quobyte. The following drives have been qualified by Quobyte:

  • Samsung PM9A
  • WesternDigital SN650 and SN655
  • Micron 7450 and 9400 PRO/MAX


We recommend high-density HDD servers over JBODs as they add complexity, additional sources for hardware issues, and – if zoned – make failure domains more complex. It must not be dual attached, i.e., each device must only be visible to a single host. Recommended only with HBAs with Broadcom chipset.

Mixed Flash/HDD for Performance and Optimal Price

When your workloads are a mix of random IO and throughput, or when you have cold data, mixed servers are a great combination of both media. They provide the best price/TB without compromising workloads. 

High-Density HDD for Low Cost and High Throughput

These configurations are great for throughput workloads with a lot of data, such as traditional HPC or big data. Plus, they provide a low cost for archival use-cases.

Servers for Edge use-cases

This configuration provides a powerful and reliable edge storage solution. By combining flash and hard drive, you get high performance and portability for edge use cases.

Public Cloud Instances

Quobyte runs on all major public clouds. However, it pays to be discerning because picking the right VMs or bare metal machines helps you get the best performance. Since local NVMes on cloud instances are not persistent, we recommend a mix of local NVMe for scratch alongside persistent disks (EBS, PD…) for storage. Quobyte can automatically tier data to persistent disks and between different types of persistent disks (e.g. SSD and cold HDD).

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