Quobyte Unveils New RDMA Capability at SC23

New capability enables admins to automatically take advantage of the lower latency and higher performance of RDMA when available. Quobyte transparently switches between IP and RDMA communication and enables heterogeneous setups.

SANTA CLARA, Calif, November 14, 2023 – Quobyte, the innovator in high-performance storage systems, today announced the addition of a cutting-edge RDMA (Remote Direct Memory Access) capability to their parallel distributed file system. The new capability, unveiled at SC23, addresses the growing demand for high-performance low latency file systems with enterprise reliability and ease of use, even in heterogeneous infrastructure environments. Admins can now take advantage of Quobyte’s ability to automatically switch between IP and RDMA, optimizing performance seamlessly.

Quobyte’s RDMA feature pushes the company’s mission of making HPC accessible to all even further – it benefits the users by providing them with lower latency and higher performance, and takes the burden off admins. By offering a mixed-mode operation, Quobyte will now allow admins to operate Quobyte over traditional IP networks and RDMA-capable fabrics like Infiniband in the same cluster or infrastructure. This enables a heterogeneous infrastructure that can be fine-tuned for selective use, allowing customers to leverage the high-throughput and low-latency benefits of RDMA where needed while maintaining the widespread compatibility and ease of management of traditional Ethernet networks.

“Our mission is to make high-performance storage accessible to all, offering enterprise features and reliability to teams of all sizes and thus empowering them to run large storage infrastructures with ease”, said Bjorn Kolbeck, CEO and Co-Founder of Quobyte. “By adding the RDMA feature to our storage solution, we are making significant strides in flexible, efficient, and high-performance data management that our customers require in today’s data-intensive computing environments.”

The RDMA feature enables users to take advantage of their low-latency fabrics, particularly in diverse environments where the balance between performance and flexibility is crucial. Quobyte’s commitment to innovation provides its customers with a competitive edge, ensuring that their investment in storage infrastructure continues to deliver value well into the future.

To learn more about Quobyte’s storage solution, please visit: www.quobyte.com

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Quobyte provides a unified storage platform engineered for simplicity and high performance, suitable for enterprises and researchers pushing the frontiers of innovation. It ensures exceptional reliability and enterprise-level features, enabling rapid deployment and streamlined operations for organizations of various sizes, making HPC accessible for all. Quobyte empowers small teams to run large-scale infrastructures, advancing today’s most groundbreaking research.

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