Quobyte Delivers High-Performance Storage to SysEleven’s OpenStack-Based Cloud Services

April 22, 2016

BERLIN, Germany, April 22, 2016 – Quobyte today announced their partnership with Germany’s most forward-thinking cloud services provider, SysEleven. After rolling out the newly released version 1.2 of Quobyte’s software storage system on the SysEleven Stack – a customized OpenStack infrastructure – the service provider was seeing a dramatic increase in productivity and storage efficiency.

“Our IOPS performance improved significantly. Right away it was more than 5 times better than that of other storage systems we tested. But what’s even more, we’re running business-critical workloads on our SysEleven Stack and that is thanks in no small part to Quobyte and its improved compatibility with OpenStack,” said Marc Korthaus, SysEleven’s CEO, and continued: “I think the new version puts Quobyte squarely in the lead in creating a proper storage infrastructure for the software-defined data center.”

A truly software-defined storage solution, Quobyte offers high performance, simplified management of large-scale data repositories and is the first software-only scale-out storage to provide complete fault tolerance and split-brain safety. As a POSIX-compatible file system, Quobyte runs any application and any workload while safeguarding data and freeing it from the restrictions of local hardware storage.

The 1.2 release builds the capstone to Quobyte’s OpenStack integration. It gets the block and object storage capabilities ready for production in even the most business-critical deployments and thus provides the technology for future-ready enterprise storage infrastructures. Quobyte is not just a patch grafted onto OpenStack, but thoroughly integrated into the whole OpenStack ecosystem. It thus allows for excellent block IO performance which is combined with – thanks to years of research – a fault tolerance that holds up under network failures.

Quobyte’s software storage system does not stop short of block storage, of course, but offers the complete package: it ships with an S3-compatible object storage interface and also serves the shared storage needs of enterprises. SysEleven and other service providers benefit especially from its multi-tenancy support. The NFS interface is fully integrated with Manila and allows for self-service provisioning of the shared file storage. Closing the list is Quobyte’s management console and API which can be hooked up to OpenStack Keystone to build a fully integrated infrastructure.

Quobyte is part of OpenStack since the Kilo release. Backports for earlier releases Icehouse and Juno are also available.

About SysEleven

Founded in 2007, SysEleven is Germany’s leading and most innovative cloud services provider. The Berlin-based company offers tailor-made services for scalable, secure, and high-performance hosting based on a high-end infrastructure and runs applications for enterprise clients of all sizes.

An agile and competent partner, SysEleven takes care that its customers’ applications and online shops are always available. Certified under ISO-27001 by the German Federal Office for Information Security, it provides its customers with first-rate data security and protection in both technical and organizational respects.

Led by CEOs Marc Korthaus and Jens Ihlenfeld, the team of 70 draws on an extensive know-how in enterprise hosting and software projects in a variety of industries. SysEleven is run independently and without the need of external funding from the start.

More information at www.syseleven.de.

About Quobyte

Quobyte is software that turns commodity servers into a reliable and highly automated multi-data center file system. It combines latest distributed systems research with proven concepts for large-scale infrastructure. Quobyte can handle all workloads in a single consolidated deployment: from virtual machines over shared file storage to Big Data and HPC. It comes with all the benefits of a data center file system: full fault tolerance, resilience, scalability and self-management – in short, it greatly simplifies operations.

Quobyte was founded only two years ago with VC funding and is based in Berlin, Germany. Despite its young age, the company draws from nearly a decade of research and experience with the open-source distributed file system XtreemFS and from working on Google’s infrastructure. Quobyte’s customers enjoy the system’s capabilities in such diverse areas as HPC, public OpenStack cloud infrastructure, and large-scale web services.

For more on Quobyte go to www.quobyte.com.


Media Contact

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