Quobyte and Rausch Netzwerktechnik Deliver Joint Solution for Full-Featured Data Center Storage

June 20, 2016

BERLIN/ETTLINGEN Germany, June 20, 2016 – Quobyte, developer of the world’s most advanced data center file system, today announced its partnership with Germany’s leading server and storage systems specialist Rausch Netzwerktechnik. Combining high-performance software storage with powerful storage hardware, the two companies respond to today’s rapid data growth and the increasing demand for safe, cost-efficient, and fast storage solutions for all enterprise workloads. From June 20 to 22 Quobyte and Rausch will showcase their joint solution at Europe’s biggest HPC event, the ISC High-Performance in Frankfurt/Main.

A first result of the new partnership is the combination of Rausch’s BigFoot® Storage XXLarge with Quobytes data center file system. The BigFoot® Storage XXLarge is a server and storage system with a massive storage capacity and a particularly high packing density, making it extremely powerful. Together with Quobyte’s software-defined storage, that makes for a robust and highly available storage system that scales out and gains performance linearly with every added node. Starting with four servers, the system can easily be extended to hundreds of nodes handling Petabytes of data and beyond. Customers are all set when running their demanding workloads and can rely on Quobyte’s excellent support for OpenStack, container infrastructures, or HPC clusters.

“Quobyte’s simple management and its automation capabilities immediately got me hooked,” says Sebastian Nölting, Rausch’s CEO, “and the software really delivered: hardware can now run at full capacity – which is especially great for those of our customers who deal with huge amounts of data and high request rates.”

“The BigFoot® server and Quobyte’s software together form an accomplished storage solution. Customers get a unified storage system that allows for centralized management, is failsafe, and builds on Rausch’s excellent hardware,” remarks Felix Hupfeld, Quobyte’s CTO.

Starting on June 20, Quobyte and Rausch Netzwerktechnik exhibit at the ISC High-Performance in Frankfurt, Germany, Europes’s most important HPC event of the year. At booth 1,000 the two companies demonstrate the benefits and advantages of their joint soft- and hardware storage solution to customers from all over the world.

Details about the event are as follows:

What: Quobyte and Rausch Netzwerktechnik showcase their joint solution for cutting-edge enterprise storage. Combining high-performance storage software with first-class hardware, they provide data center technology that supports all workloads and enables demanding and reliable services.

When: June 20–22, 2016

Where: ISC High-Performance, Frankfurt, Germany, booth # 1,000

Speaker: Matthias Grawinkel, Software Engineer at Quobyte

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About Rausch Netzwerktechnik

Founded in 1998, Rausch Netzwerktechnik provides IT-services to enterprise customers in the hosting business and data center IT in general. The company offers the full range of products and services for efficient and high-quality server and storage solutions and tailors them to their customers needs. Rausch puts an emphasis on the development of energy-efficient and powerful server and storage systems by combining a high packing density with capable hardware components. Longstanding cooperations with well-known partners in IT – Intel, AMD, WD, Seagate, LSI, and Supermicro – together with an experienced and competent team make up the basis to build cutting-edge data centers that are the foundation of our customers’ success.

Find out more at www.rnt.de

About Quobyte

Quobyte is software that turns commodity servers into a reliable and highly automated multi-data center file system. It combines latest distributed systems research with proven concepts for large-scale infrastructure. Quobyte can handle all workloads in a single consolidated deployment: from virtual machines over shared file storage to Big Data and HPC. It comes with all the benefits of a data center file system: full fault tolerance, resilience, scalability and self-management – in short, it greatly simplifies operations.

Quobyte was founded only three years ago with VC funding and is based in Berlin, Germany. Despite its young age, the company draws from nearly a decade of research and experience with the open-source distributed file system XtreemFS and from working on Google’s infrastructure. Quobyte’s customers enjoy the system’s capabilities in such diverse areas as HPC, public OpenStack cloud infrastructure, and large-scale web services.

For more on Quobyte go to www.quobyte.com.


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