Unlimited Performance

Adding Hardware Boosts Performance. It’s That Simple.

Quobyte enables storage infrastructure to linearly scale without limits, giving you performance that’s directly proportional to your hardware build-out. We removed bottlenecks to create an architecture that’s fully distributed, full mesh, and decentralized with an unlimited number of nodes. Whether you have four servers or four thousand, you’ll scale metadata and data performance and move as fast as your hardware can go, up to 100GBit/s per server.

Key Features
  • Double servers = double performance (IOPS, bandwidth, metadata) and capacity. Of course, you can scale out in larger or smaller increments.
  • With non-disruptive linear scaling, you can immediately scale storage to application and user demand without ever taking your system offline.
  • Consistent low latency to tens of thousands of clients.
  • No limits on volumes, clients, tenants, or files.
  • Deliver entire cluster bandwidth to a single file on any platform.
  • Max out your hardware with speeds up to 100GiB/s per server.
  • Concurrent lockless read/write access to the same file from many clients (parallel file system for HPC applications).
Advantages of Unlimited Performance
  • Quobyte allows you to grow with demand so that you never hit a glass ceiling. This completely eliminates the need for forklift upgrades, just one way that Quobyte delivers on its promise to make administrators’ lives easier with unconditional simplicity.
  • We’re the scale-out generation. With resource-intensive workloads like machine learning (ML) becoming even more prevalent, it’s becoming increasingly important to have IT infrastructure that matches scale-out requirements. Quobyte serves these needs by putting power back into the user’s hands. Between the ability to deploy anywhere, built-in tooling for policy based data management, and, of course, Quobyte’s unlimited performance, we deliver a modern file system for tomorrow’s IT ecosystem.