Unified Storage

Unify your storage with Quobyte – one storage system for all workloads.

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Experience the new era of data management with Quobyte’s Unified Storage. Our cutting-edge solution seamlessly integrates with diverse platforms, ensuring secure, high-performance access for all your applications enabling you to simplify your data storage and unlock efficiency across your organization.

Unified Storage

Quobyte’s distributed file system allows you to consolidate all of your data onto a single platform allowing users to access the same file from any interface, thus giving you the ease of managing one, uncomplex system. Whether it’s Linux, Object(S3), NFS, Windows, or Hadoop, Quobyte offers broad platform support so you can quickly and easily ingest data from your existing systems.

File and Object in the Same Namespace

See how your files can be both files and objects with Quobyte

Happy Customers Speak

"With the Quobyte Data Center File System we can use the all-flash hardware of our choice and are able to achieve the maximum performance of the drives and networking. And the scalable fault tolerance gives us the confidence we need to run as a scalable infrastructure."
Yusuke Sato – Infrastructure Engineer

Discover how Yahoo! Japan revolutionized their data management with Quobyte.

Unified Storage Benefits

All interfaces, one namespace: Share and access the same data through all interfaces: Linux (POSIX), Windows, macOS, NFS v3 and v4, Object Storage (S3), Hadoop / HDFS, and MPI-IO.

Share data for better collaboration, less copies and better resource utilization.

Single namespace for file and object for seamless data sharing between the two protocols. No more silos for object and file.

S3 custom metadata is stored in extended attributes (xattrs). Custom key-value pairs can be accessed and modified from the file system and S3 concurrently. This makes it easy to label files for workloads such as deep learning/ML.

Run all workloads on one cluster, reduce silos: Quobyte provides excellent performance for random IO, throughput and small file workloads. Quobyte combines flash and HDD so you can deliver the best price and performance for all applications.

Simplify security with shared access control: ACLs are automatically translated between interfaces. You manage a single set of ACLs per file, which can be modified via any interface and is enforced for all access. No security nightmare with diverging ACLs by interface.

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