Grand Unified Storage

All your files, all in one place. Access them through all interfaces.

Quobyte’s true parallel file system enables you to consolidate all of your data onto a single platform, structures each file under a single namespace, and allows users to access the same file from any interface: Linux, Windows, Mac, S3, Hadoop, TensorFlow, and more. By easily sharing files, we create less copies, maximize resource efficiency, and cut away unnecessary complexity.

Unified Access Control Lists (ACLs) across all interfaces simplify access control management and security audits.

Key Features
  • Quobyte supports all protocols in one namespace: every Linux distribution, Windows, macOS, S3, OpenStack, Kubernetes, Docker, Hadoop (HDFS), TensorFlow, NFS v3/v4, and SMB. As a result, we no longer need to maintain wasteful, expensive copies of the same file, and we never have to worry about keeping them in sync.
  • Security features like comprehensive access controls converts across platforms to prevent unauthorized data access.
  • Native S3 support with unified namespace for file and object. A file is an object is a file!
  • Scalable file locking for applications designed for NFS means that any application designed for NFS runs on Quobyte — with the added bonus of greater scalability.
  • Combine NVMe, SSD, and HDD disks with our fully transparent autotiering. For instance, set archives to automatically write to HDD while frequently accessed files stay on high-performance flash drives.
  • Quobyte’s versatility allows you to run random IO, small file, and throughput workloads on the same cluster.
  • Our true parallel storage infrastructure enables concurrent lockless read/write to the same file from many hosts and processes. Quobyte fully supports MPI-IO for HPC use cases.
  • Native drivers for today’s top platforms simplifies administration and enables unlimited performance by eliminating bottlenecks. The native Mac and Linux clients have full support for scale-out, ACL translation, and fault-tolerance, while the native Windows driver also includes mapping of Windows access control onto Quobyte’s NFSv4 to provide support for locking.