Unconditional Simplicity

Managing data at scale has never been easier. It’s time to take back your weekends.

Quobyte is a tectonic shift for administrators in the generation scale-out. It enables you to operate like a hyperscaler while also making your life much easier. No more downtime or maintenance windows. Less complexity without kernel modules. Quobyte works on your schedule, never the other way around.

Key Features
  • By eliminating kernel modules and keeping the entire filesystem in userland, we’ve created a more robust system that’s less fragile, easier to troubleshoot, simple to install: just download a deb or rpm package or run a bash script for automated install with.
    wget https://www.quobyte.com/install;bash install
  • By allowing admins to take care of business without interrupting the system, Quobyte users spend less time on storage and get to work on their own schedule. Instead of coordinating with users, developers, application owners, or data center professionals, pick a time that works for you.
  • Seamlessly remove or add nodes at any time. Adding nodes immediately adds their capacity and performance to the cluster, without causing additional load as rebalances are optional in Quobyte. Nodes can be drained in the background without interrupting applications and with minimal impact on performance. You can scale your cluster dynamically, on demand - both up and down!
  • Runtime configurability enables admins to change the config anytime, anywhere. For instance, you can replace disks without taking any machines offline and run non-disruptive updates without any downtime. Repair, remove, or add resources for unlimited performance; perform data migrations and tiering; and complete tasks like hardware migrations and optional rebalancing – all while giving your users secure 24/7 availability.
  • There’s no single point of failure. This built-in fault tolerance grows as you scale – so long as you have free space, the system can always rebuild – and this removes urgency for replacing hardware that inevitably breaks. Instead of getting called in when a disk breaks in the middle of the night, replace it on your terms.
  • Fully declustered rebuilds on the entire cluster means that the cluster can grow to provide better fault tolerance, allowing it to provide seamless disaster recovery across all of your storage infrastructure.
  • No local configuration allows you to manage the entire system from a central console, either with our web GUI or CLI tools. Plus, instead of provisioning resources for different platforms, unified storage keeps every file in a single namespace.
  • Quobyte empowers a small team to manage petabytes and beyond. Adding more storage no longer means onboarding more administrators.
  • Quobyte is just another Linux application. Since it requires no specialized knowledge, if you know how to admin Linux systems, then you know how to use Quobyte.
Advantages of Unlimited Performance
  • Quobyte allows you to grow with demand so that you never hit a glass ceiling. This completely eliminates the need for forklift upgrades, just one way that Quobyte delivers on its promise to make administrators’ lives easier with unconditional simplicity.
  • We’re the scale-out generation. With resource-intensive workloads like machine learning (ML) becoming even more prevalent, it’s becoming increasingly important to have IT infrastructure that matches scale-out requirements. Quobyte serves these needs by putting power back into the user’s hands. Between the ability to deploy anywhere, built-in tooling for policy based data management, and, of course, Quobyte’s unlimited performance, we deliver a modern file system for tomorrow’s IT ecosystem.