Unconditional Simplicity

Unlike traditional storage systems, Quobyte is simple - from install to production.

Don’t worry. Storage doesn’t need to be complicated. If you know the basics of Linux then you know storage. When we developed Quobyte, it was important for us to ensure that our solution was built to be simple, so simple that it would empower you to install and manage it on your own. We didn’t want to significantly increase your overhead, require you to learn new technologies or acquire special hardware. We wanted to empower our customers to empower themselves with real software storage.

That’s why, unlike other enterprise storage solutions, we made it available for download. For free.


Get at least four servers with Linux or a minimum of one cloud VM. Make sure you can ssh into these machines and execute sudo for installation.


Run the Quobyte interative installer and provide the IPs of the server and client machines:

wget https://www.quobyte.com/install;bash install

Log into the Quobyte Webconsole to complete the install. The installer shows the URL once it's done.


Like we said, it’s simple.
Your fault-tolerant and scalable Quobyte cluster is ready to serve file and object!

Real-time analytics showing IO and metadata operations by application.

Check and manage devices and your entire cluster with a click.

Unconditional Simplicity Benefits

  • Scalable and fault-tolerant storage in minutes. Automated install on your servers on the cloud with no further configurations needed.
  • Made a mistake, plans changed, new use cases? Configuration and Policies can be changed at any time, just with a click and zero downtime.
  • Manage everything from our UI thus taking away the complexity of operating storage.
  • No Appliances - no custom or special hardware: Quobyte runs on standard servers, no need to learn new technologies.
  • No kernel modules. Quobyte runs in user space, on regular Linux servers. Managing Quobyte is just another application on Linux. Storage doesn't have to be complex with real software storage. If you know Linux, you can do storage.
  • Insight into what is happening in your cluster with real time analytics: It's easy to make the right decisions when you know what your users do and need.
  • Achieve more with less: Spend less time on storage. From install to day to day management.
  • Runs on the major Linux distributions out of the box (RedHat, Oracle Linux, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, SuSE).

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