Infrastructure SDS

Whether you’re managing four nodes or four thousand, Quobyte is the right software storage solution for demanding users and scale-out applications.

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Quobyte enables infrastructure software-defined storage (SDS). This means that you can run a Quobyte cluster anywhere, on-prem, public cloud, or at the edge, and serve storage to all use-cases and applications in a storage-as-a-service manner. This includes running any use case in Quobyte such as small files, throughput, IOPS, etc., and running it on all interfaces. 

Quobyte provides the features required for infrastructure SDS: multi-tenancy, policy-based, data management for isolation. It also is API first (script and automate all aspects of storage deployment). Additionally, Quobyte UI supports self-service for users, and it offers chargeback based on real-time usage information, e.g., by tier, and via API.


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