Cost Optimization

Quobyte’s real software storage helps you slash storage costs – both capex and opex – while also providing exceptional agility and flexibility.

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Recommended Hardware

Choose your own servers

Benefit from the competitive pricing of commodity servers and drives, from any brand you trust.

Flash, hard drives or both!

No matter what your workload is, you can combine flash and hard drives in the same cluster for optimal performance and increased cost savings.

Highly automated

No matter the size of your team you can easily manage large Quobyte clusters while providing 24/7 uptime to your users.

Real infrastructure software-defined storage

Consolidate even the most demanding workloads on Quobyte for optimal resource utilization giving you less idle hardware and less data duplication while cutting costs.

Real infrastructure software-defined storage
No need to plan ahead

No need to plan ahead

Adapt your cluster on demand instead of trying to predict the future and buying hardware that will remain idle until you actually need it.


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