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Quobyte: Providing cost-effective object storage for your wealth of data.

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Quobyte is a distributed parallel file system with unified storage access that combines object and file systems in the same namespace. In other words, a file is an object is a file. By doing so, Quobyte gives you the ability to easily access and share the same data through all interfaces (S3, file, hadoop, etc.) at the same time.

By creating a unified object ⇆ file namespace, we’ve broken down data silos, eliminated the headache of maintaining multiple versions of the same data, and simplified object storage infrastructure. Harness this protocol’s power either on-prem or in the cloud.


Or…maybe not. Maybe those companies are following the herd and practicing “common wisdom” from a decade ago out of habit.


Object, file and other protocols share the same namespace for unified storage. Easily share data between the “worlds”. Easily share data between stages of a pipeline, e.g. for machine learning preprocessing and learning.

ACLs on objects/files can be modified via the S3 protocol or file system and are enforced across all protocols.

Efficiently use the same resources for file and object storage.

Store your smaller or newer objects on flash, and larger objects on HDD for better performance and cost.

With no limit on the number of stateless S3 web servers, Quobyte delivers scalable performance for object access.

Quobyte’s object storage is compatible with AWS S3 but doesn’t rely on Amazon’s infrastructure as a backend.

Synchronize data between multiple clusters – on prem, on the cloud or both, no matter where they are geographically located.

Benefit from Quobyte’s file system features on object storage such as metadata (xattrs), object immutability and expiration, quotas, encryption and more.

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