End-to-end Data Protection

Synchronous and Asynchronous Replication, Erasure Coding and End-to-end Checksums to protect your data.

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When operating at petabyte scale, random bit flips and data corruption becomes more than a vague risk. They’re statistically probable realities. Since a single bit flip can propagate disaster across an entire system, Quobyte provides comprehensive data integrity with true end-to-end checksums. Plus, built-in redundancy protects data from any single points of failure.

Synchronous Replication and Erasure Coding (EC)

  • These two, complementary methods enable administrators to create robust and efficient redundancy with policy based data management. For instance, we can use synchronous replication for the first 8MB of a file and then automatically switch to EC once it grows beyond that to save space.
  • Our patented, scalable, and synchronous replication for data and metadata is ideal for high performance workloads with 4k random IO, such as databases or VMs, and small files. Peer-to-peer leader election provides truly scalable performance.
  • Erasure coding offers space-efficient data protection alongside high performance. It’s perfect for throughput workloads, large files, and archival data.
  • Recode at will between replication and EC with a few simple clicks or automatically through policies.
  • Metadata always maintains three replicated copies that remain in sync for fast automatic failover.

End-to-end Checksums for Data, Metadata, and RPCs

  • By implementing CRC32 checksums for each block (default 4kB), we can calculate these values along every step of the way: as soon as we get data from the operating system, once it arrives to the storage server, and before we write it to disk. Basically, anytime data touches different hardware, we run a checksum.
  • We don’t stop at protecting data either. Quobyte’s in-depth protection includes checksums for all metadata and RPC messages as well.
  • All modern CPUs include hardware support for CRC32, minimizing the performance impact of keeping your data safe. This also lets you deploy Quobyte anywhere.
  • Quobyte automatically detects misbehaving or defecting drives, allowing us to automatically repair corrupted data and automatically remove broken drives from the system.
  • Whether it’s a faulty network, driver issues, or anything else, Quobyte always detects in-transit data corruptions.

Know Your Data is Safe

  • Replicated key value store for metadata uses our patented, scalable, and synchronous replication technology.
  • Quobyte automatically runs background data integrity checks.
  • Asynchronous geo replication includes active-active clustering for disaster recovery (DR), caching, and more.

It’s not unheard of for a single bitflip to take an entire storage infrastructure offline — and bitflips happen more often that you might have thought. Check out our blog post for more details and some horror stories. That’s why Quobyte protects data with checksums as it flows across your systems and adds layers of redundancy to data at rest with replication and erasure coding. Data protection is built into Quobyte from the ground up.

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