Deploy Anywhere®

Real software storage that you can download and install on any x86 server, public clouds and Kubernetes.

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Decrease overhead costs

With the ability to deploy anywhere, Quobyte gives you the option to use cost-effective commodity hardware from any vendor while providing you with the high-performing software storage your workloads demand.

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Easy to download and install

Quobyte gives you the ability to choose the solution that fits your workload and performance requirements. Whether that’s on an x86 server with flash, HDD or both, or in the cloud on VMs or Kubernetes.

Take your storage with you

Storage that goes wherever you go – whether that be on-prem, in public clouds, in colos, Kubernetes or hybrid-edge.

Operate clusters anywhere

Build true Hybrid-cloud storage with Quobyte and manage data across multiple clusters – regardless of their location.

Recommended Hardware

Check out hardware configurations with all flash for high performance, mixed flash/HDD for performance and optimal price, and High Density HDD for low cost and high throughput. Also, check out some efficient ways to deploy Quobyte in the cloud.


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