360 Security

In the age of information, data is considered to be the world’s most valuable resource. Something this valuable needs to be protected and kept out of the hands of anyone not authorized to see it. That’s why you need complete 360 security.

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Quobyte security layers: TLS, AES, WORM, X.509, Access Keys, ACLs

Complete 360 Security

Security should never be an afterthought. That’s why multi-layer security is built into Quobyte. To protect your data in-transit and at-rest from a range of threats, including ransomware.

Data encryption

Data is encrypted end-to-end with AES so it leaves machines where it is written only in encrypted form and is only decrypted on a client consuming the data. This ensures that data is encrypted both in-transit as well as at-rest.

In addition, Quobyte supports optional TLS encryption to protect all communications between Quobyte components.

No need to trust the network

In addition to the traditional IP based access control, Quobyte offers two methods that don’t require a trusted network: X.509 certificates and Access Keys – for both object and file system access.

Ransomware protection with immutability

The only true way to protect your data from ransomware is with immutable files (WORM). Quobyte’s policy engine can be set so that it automatically makes files immutable after they have been written.

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Easily manage who has access

Quobyte’s unified ACLs work across all platforms and interfaces and make managing and auditing access rights easy. Just manage one set of ACLs per file or directory, and Quobyte will then have them enforced on Linux, Windows, S3, etc. 

No need to manage different ACLs per platform with potential loopholes for unauthorized access.

Log all file system events

The built-in kafka producer makes it easy to record all file system events or feed them to an auditing or security tool for real-time analysis.

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