Real Software Storage

Unlike other software-defined storage solutions, Quobyte offers real simplicity. It is a fully downloadable, POSIX distributed parallel file system that runs on any server, any cloud, giving you the ability to deploy anywhere.

Now cost-effectiveness and high-performance don't have to be a tradeoff. Quobyte runs on economical commodity servers and drives, yet delivers high performance for throughput, random IO, and small files.

Now that’s real software storage.

Quobyte webconsole GUI

What Makes Quobyte Different


Scalable Performance

Quobyte linearly scales capacity and performance. You can scale them at any time - non disruptively - and even separately.


Deploy Anywhere®

Quobyte allows you to choose what you want to use for your storage: on the cloud, on prem, or hybrid. Quobyte runs on any x86 server, so you can use flash, HDD, on commodity hardware.

Deploy Anywhere

Unconditional Simplicity™

You don't have to be a storage expert to use Quobyte. Quobyte makes storage simple. Easy install, and automated operations let you manage your storage easily.


Grand Unified Storage

Quobyte allows you to consolidate all your data into a single platform and access it from any interface, including Linux, Windows, MacOS, NFS, and more. Quobyte also seamlessly combines file and object (S3) in the same namespace.

Unified Storage
Data Protection

Complete 360 Security

Quobyte offers multi-layer protection for your data with end-to-end data encryption, unified ACLs, TLS, X.509 certificates and more.


Quobyte had the reconfigurable flexibility that we were looking for, that (typically) came from some of the other larger, more expensive file systems.

Chris Sullivan, Assistant Director for Biocomputing at Oregon State University’s Center for Genome Research and Biocomputing

Quobyte Features

Object Storage

Object Storage

To break down data silos, Quobyte combines both object (S3) and file in the same namespace. In Quobyte, an object is both an object, and a file at the same time.

Policy-Based Data Management

Policy Based Data Management

Quobyte gives you full control on how you want to manage your data, providing you policy-based data management which can help you rapidly adapt to changing business, user and workload requirements.

End-to-end Data Protection

End-to-end Data Protection

Keeping your data safe is a priority for Quobyte. For that reason, Quobyte implements measures such as Synchronous Replication, Erasure Coding (EC), End-to-End Checksums.

Storage Infrastructure

Storage Infrastructure

Quobyte offers features such as flexibility, multi-tenancy, API firts, and much more, to meet the needs of demanding users and scale-out applications.

Quobyte Console

Full Feature Matrix

Check out other Quobyte features such as management, immutable files, integrations, and file system features such as snapshots, quotas on tenants and much more.

The Quobyte Architecture

Quobyte runs on commodity Linux servers in user-space with hard disks and/or flash drives. The Quobyte services running on the servers communicate with each other and the clients via an IP network (v4 and v6 both supported).

All Quobyte services are redundant: They protect data and ensure availability with quorum replication or erasure coding.

Applications and users access Quobyte through native clients, user-space plugins (kernel bypass) for Hadoop or TensorFlow or gateways for Object/S3 or NFS.

Learn more about Quobyte's architecture and components and download our architecture whitepaper:

Quobyte architecture diagram with network, servers, software storage and clients and plugins