Real Software Storage

Let’s keep it real. Traditional storage setups can tie you down and make you feel constrained. They require many man hours and multiple administrators for set-up alone. Not with Quobyte. With Quobyte’s file and object software storage system you finally have the freedom of real software storage.

Real software storage takes data storage and makes it truly software defined and unconditionally simple. It enables you to scale performance while managing large amounts of data and streamlining administration. Whether it’s in the cloud, on-prem or a hybrid of the two, Quobyte’s POSIX compatible, distributed parallel file system empowers users to build a truly flexible software-based storage infrastructure.

What Makes Quobyte Different

Quobyte had the reconfigurable flexibility that we were looking for, that came from some of the other larger, more expensive file systems.

Chris Sullivan, Assistant Director for Biocomputing at Oregon State University’s Center for Genome Research and Biocomputing

Quobyte Features

The Quobyte Architecture

Quobyte runs on commodity Linux servers in user-space with hard disks and/or flash drives. The Quobyte services running on the servers communicate with each other and the clients via an IP network (v4 and v6 both supported).

All Quobyte services are redundant: They protect data and ensure availability with quorum replication or erasure coding.

Applications and users access Quobyte through native clients, user-space plugins (kernel bypass) for Hadoop or TensorFlow or gateways for Object/S3 or NFS.

Learn more about Quobyte's architecture and components and download our architecture whitepaper:

Quobyte architecture diagram with network, servers, software storage and clients and plugins