100% Real Software Storage

Quobyte is the only 100% software storage solution for enterprises. Download and install in minutes.

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So What Makes Quobyte Different?​

Deploy anywhere®​

By providing real software storage that you can download and install on any x86 server or in the cloud, Quobyte gives you the ability to choose the solution that fits your workload, your business and your performance requirements.

Scale-out file and object storage

Quobyte seamlessly combines file and object in the same namespace, while providing linear scalability. Your performance and capacity increase whenever you add resources, giving you the ability to grow your cluster based on demand.

Simplicity at its best

Quobyte’s unique technology makes it easy to operate large clusters even with the leanest of teams. As a fault-tolerant software, its highly reliable resiliency enables you to run at scale without interruption, even when hardware breaks.


Storage cost optimization

Quobyte is hardware-agnostic. This means that you can use any hardware, any x86 server and you will still get optimal performance. There is no need for expensive appliances, or exotic hardware. Additionally, Quobyte allows you to use flash and HDD to optimize your storage cost.

Security - 360

Whether your data is at-rest or in-flight, Quobyte keeps it secured all the time. With Quobyte’s state-of-the-art data security, your data is safe from unauthorized access by hackers and cybercriminals

Kill the silos

With Quobyte’s unified storage, you don’t have to worry about data silos. Sharing data has never been easier. With file and object in the same namespace, and same environment, you can access your data however you want.

Distributed File System for Scale-Out
High-Performance Storage

Quobyte Feature Highlights

Core Features

All Quobyte services and data is stored redundantly using synchnronous quorum replication or erasure coding. Failover is fully automatic and does not require virtual IPs, multipath other mechanisms.

Adding servers, removing them, hardware refreshes, rebalancing, data tiering, software updates, hardware maintenance… all of these tasks can be done while the cluster is running and serving data at full speed.

On prem on your own servers, on the public clouds or on Kubernetes. Read more…

Quobyte runs on virtual machines or bare metal instances, with local drives or cloud block storage. Learn more about our recommended cloud instances.

With our multi-cluster support you can easily combine on-prem and cloud-based clusters into a powerful hybrid-cloud storage system.

Data Protection

Synchronous quorum protection ensures data is stored on multiple servers and protects against data loss, unavailability or split-brain situations. Read more…

Erasure coded files offer high performance access at very low space overhead. Read more..

Policy-based recoding of files transforms replicated files to erasure coding or to wider erasure coding schemas, e.g. for archival.

The automatic file layout store small files on flash (with replication) and automatically switches to erasure coding on hard drive as the file grows. This gives you the perfect combination of high performance and price without tiering.

End-to-end cheksums do what NFS doesn’t: Protect your data throught its entire lifetime, while in transit and at rest. Read more…


ACLs in Quobyte are unified, i.e. Quobyte translates automatically between the different ACLs like POSIX, NFSv4 or Windows. You don’t have to manage different ACLs for every platform. Read more…

Quobyte supports LDAP for the management layer, for the file system (client side translation) and for access keys.

Access Keys in Quobyte can be used for S3 access but also for secure multi-user and multi-tenant access on shared machines with Kubernetes, Linux or Hadoop. Read more…

X.509 certificates ensure only authorized users and machines can access the Quobyte storage. Read more…

TLS can be enabled globally or only for specific networks, e.g. for access from outside a cluster. Read more…

End-to-end-encryption ensures that no data leaves the client machine in clear text. Data is encrypted at rest and in transit. Read more…

Full isolation of tenants with self-service and optional hardware isolation. Read more…

Data Management

Full control over how and where files are stored, immutability, tiering, caching or encryption. Read more

Automatic policy based tiering of files between storage media, pools or clusters. Read more

Admins can configure policies to automatically make files immutable after creation or to prevent deletion forever or for a pre-defined timespan.

Immutable files are an invaluable tool to protect against ransomeware attacks.

Automatically expire (and delete) files and object based on policies or user-configurable metadata.

Quobyte provides several Quality-of-Service classes for IO and metadata operations, as well as fairness between IO and metadata operations within a QoS class.

Devices in Quobyte can be tagged to form pools (which can be overlapping) and to provide full hardware isolation, e.g. for tenants, volumes or users or to fulfil legal requirements like HIPAA or MPAA regulations.

Client configuration such as prefetching, caching, metadata caching are configured through policies and automatically applied on all clients. Changes to policies are picked up by clients within seconds. No need for local configuration on the client machines.

Multi-Cluster Features

Volume mirroring is based on a near-instantaneous mirroring of metadata and data to one or more remote Quobyte clusters for disaster recovery.

Synchronization of Quobyte volumes at regular intervals or triggered on demand, e.g. to hydrate cloud clusters.

Synchronize files in both directions between two Quobyte volumes with last-writer-wins semantics. Offers consistency similar to object storage.


Manage your Quobyte clusters through the intuitive brwoser-based webconsole.

The Quobyte JSON REST API gives you full control over your cluster and makes monitoring and automation a breeze.

All Quobyte services and clients have built-in prometheus exporters. Quobyte also implements the Consul API for automated service and client discovery.

The Quobyte dashboard for Grafana gives you full insight into your Quobyte cluster, the workloads and long-term trends. Read more on grafana.com…

Happy Customers Speak

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Quobyte had the reconfigurable flexibility that we were looking for, that (typically) came from some of the other larger, more expensive file systems.


Chris Sullivan

Assistant Director for Biocomputing at Oregon State University’s Center for Genome Research and Biocomputing

Quobyte Features

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