What is Quobyte?

Quobyte is software that turns commodity servers into a reliable and highly automated data center file system. It combines latest distributed systems research with proven concepts for large-scale infrastructure. Quobyte can handle all workloads in a single consolidated deployment: from virtual machines over shared file storage to Big Data and HPC. It comes with all the benefits of a data center file system: full fault tolerance, resilience, scalability and self-management – in short, it greatly simplifies data center operations.

Founded only three years ago in Berlin, Quobyte immediately raised VC funding. Despite its young age, the company draws from nearly a decade of research and experience with the open-source distributed file system XtreemFS and from working on Google’s infrastructure. Quobyte’s customers enjoy the system’s capabilities in such diverse areas as HPC, Big Data, public OpenStack cloud infrastructure, and large-scale web services.

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Who’s behind Quobyte?

Founder’s Story and Company History

While working at Google, Felix Hupfeld and Björn Kolbeck noticed the ease with which surprisingly small teams were operating the storage infrastructure fueling the tech giant’s servers and services. That’s when it hit them: their previous research and development for the distributed file system XtreemFS allowed for something along the same lines. A file system framework could be decoupled from the physical hardware, liberating storage by using smart algorithms resulting in a software storage system that is self-managing, reliable and scalable – all in one package.

The two followed through with the idea and founded Quobyte in 2013. With their 10 years of experience in distributed and storage systems and reuniting some of their former teammates from XtreemFS, they used the forerunner’s best parts and rewrote Quobyte from scratch, eventually extending the feature set greatly.

Quobyte is a company that’s passionate about data center technology. We create software for next-generation data storage and help enterprises come to grips with the explosion of data. Companies that want to stay ahead of the curve and keep their operational costs have to keep innovating. Quobyte helps them focus on building business-critical applications by keeping them worry-free when it comes to storage infrastructure.

Quick Facts

  • Founded in 2013
  • 2 founders: Felix Hupfeld and Björn Kolbeck – who, in the context of their PhDs at Zuse Institute Berlin, initiated and collectively worked on Quobyte’s forerunner XtreemFS, the open-source fault-tolerant distributed file system. Read more about how XtreemFS evolved into Quobyte.
  • Investors: High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) and Target Partners
  • Various clients have Quobyte running in production. Read our case studies with SysEleven and Giant Swarm. Also, be sure to check our Resources page for more in-depth info
  • Based in Berlin (Development HQ), Santa Clara, and Boston

Quobyte in the Media

Logo Storage Insider

Das Speichermedium wird erst durch die Software-Umgebung zum Wohlfühlfaktor – The Comfort Factor in Storage is Software (Mar 3, 2017)

Logo Storage Insider

In Software realisierte Speicherlösung made in Berlin – Software Storage Solution Made in Berlin (Sept 13, 2016)

Logo ADMIN magazine

Quobyte-Dateisystem erreicht Version 1.3 – Quobyte Releases Version 1.3 (Sept 13, 2016)

Logo Speicherguide

Erasure-Coding ist Highlight der 1.3er Version von Quobyte – Erasures Coding is Highlight Feature in Quobyte’s 1.3 Update (Aug 25, 2016)

Logo Heise iX

Quobytes paralleles Dateisystem kann nun Erasure Coding – Quobyte’s Parallel File System Now with Erasure Coding (Aug 18, 2016)

Logo Golem

Keine Panik! Bug im Linux-Kernel – Don’t Panic! A Bug in the Linux Kernel (Apr 12, 2016)

Logo Gründerszene

HTGF und Target Partners investieren siebenstellig in Quobyte – HTGF and Target Partners With Seven-Figure Investment in Quobyte (Sept 16, 2014)


  • We are nominated for Product of the Year 2015 by SearchStorage. (as of Jan 2016)
  • Quobyte has been selected as one of the Most Innovative Tech Startups by the German Accelerator. From Jan 2016 on, we will join their program in Palo Alto to further our foothold in the US market. (Oct 16, 2015)