Storage for the Media and Entertainment Industry

Unified Storage Solution for Digital Production Workflows

Run VFX editing, color grading, and render farms without compromise. Scale out your video storage performance and capacity when needed. Drive down administrative overhead with operational efficiency. Benefit from Quobyte’s high IOPS, massive throughput, and reliable low latency.

First to Stream, First to Screen

Multi-gigabyte raw camera downloads, color grading workstations, VFX editors, and multi-hundred node render farms present one very challenging storage environment. Factor in the crushing deadlines that online content delivery imposes and the stress quotient can be debilitating.

Unfortunately, many studios make do with cobbled together point solutions from disparate vendors. They might deploy object storage for ingest/archival, NVMe (flash) for render farms, and NAS for compositing. But maintaining these diverse technologies drives up support costs, demands domain expertise, and more often than not thwarts integration efforts.

Unified storage for an optimized post-production workflow

Reduce Complexity and Costs

Your MAM speaks NFS, your object store uses S3, your color artists use Windows, and your render farm is never fast enough. It’s time to break free from the disparate, unwieldy, and intractable hardware and software that doesn’t fit your needs. Quobyte unifies your storage, simplifies its operation, and eliminates storage silos.

Universal Access to Your Data

Use our Linux FUSE client for your render farm. Ingest your huge camera files via NFS or SMB. Connect your Mac or Windows workstations and directly access those very same files. No migration, no duplication, no data movement required. Transparently migrate older files to an erasure coded volume to save space. Or serve them up to collaborators around the world via our stateless S3 proxy.

Tighten Project-Level Security

Need to keep your projects isolated for legal reasons? Specify exactly which hardware is accessible, and by whom – all the way down to the individual drive. Quobyte’s full support for multitenancy gives administrators total control, while on-the-fly reconfigurability means that changes take only minutes, with zero downtime.

Advanced Software Storage with a Unifying Approach to Media and Entertainment Workloads

Challenges for your storage infrastructure

  • Complex, difficult to integrate ecosystems (MAMs, VFX grading, compositing, and more)
  • Increased pixel depth/frame rates and 6k/8k drive up rendering and transcoding time
  • Costly, high-maintenance multi-vendor storage silos
  • Limited turn-around time for streaming content

Quobyte features

  • High IOPS and consistent sub-milisecond latency
  • “Lights-out” data center resiliency; self-healing
  • 100% hardware and kernel independent
  • Erasure coding option, perfect for archival and sequential workloads
  • Device-level security and isolation
  • Integrates with Kubernetes, Rancher, and Mesosphere

Fast and Reliable Data Access

Delivering hyper-performance storage while maintaining data availability despite disk or network failures takes a holistic design approach. Customers can trust Quobyte storage because it was built to handle real-world failures and still remain operational.

True end-to-end checksums of every data block assures data integrity. Ultra-low latency and fast metadata operations keep up with the toughest small-file workloads. Hardware monitoring will offline an errant disk before it causes corruption, and self-healing heuristics route around node failures.

Quobyte Webconsole, API, and CLI

Highly Accessible Storage for Media & Entertainment Wordkloads

Optimized to your needs and environment. Quobyte’s software storage delivers the necessary operational ease and offers full flexibility.

  • Near-perfect linear scaling
  • POSIX file system for seamless integration
  • Simultaneous access from all kinds of workstations
  • Hadoop, Docker, and OpenStack support
  • 1000+ node scalability

Built for the Future

Yesterday’s inflexible data center design is quickly giving way to tomorrow’s highly responsive containerized world. With Quobyte, your storage will be ready. Our software provides persistent container storage, it can even be run inside of containers. Combine that with Kubernetes support and a powerful RESTful API and you’ve got an ultra-responsive solution for rapidly fluctuating workloads. Quobyte also supports OpenStack’s Cinder, Glance, Manila, and S3 interfaces, and is also compatible with Hadoop.

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