Junior Software Engineer

Berlin, Germany

Company Description

Quobyte’s data center file system is a full-stack storage system and makes direct use of kernel, network, and hardware facilities. Hence, passion and curiosity about the underlying system mechanisms and the drive to analyze problems throughout the full stack are a must when working on core storage features.

Much of what makes Quobyte’s data center file system is based on complex distributed algorithms. The system contains comprehensive data and system management functionality. Finding and implementing clean and extensible abstractions and protocols that blend well into the larger design and architecture and building powerful and easy-to-use features should excite you.

Our pragmatic development culture revolves around code reviews, CI, bug tracking, and extensive unit and integration tests. Under changing priorities, you are expected to manage your time independently and efficiently and drive feature development to completion. You’ll own problem cases from analysis to their resolution.

Job Description

You’ll join Quobyte’s technical staff in Berlin, where all development of Quobyte’s Data Center File System takes place. As part of the core engineering team, you will design, implement, launch, optimize, debug, scale, and own minor and major data center file system features and functionality and help shape the future of infrastructure technology.


  • MS, BS or PhD in Computer Science
  • A solid foundation in computer science, with strong competencies in data structures and algorithms, software design, kernel and network programming, and distributed systems and algorithms
  • Experience in C++ or Java

Additional Skills

Linux, Unix, C, C++, Java, Large Systems Software Design, Distributed Systems, Kernel and Network Programming


To apply, please send your CV (plain text or pdf please) to work@quobyte.com.

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To apply, please send your CV (plain text or pdf please) to work@quobyte.com.