Reliable and Automated Storage for Hosting and Service Providers

Quobyte consolidates all workloads into a single software storage system. It enables a high-performance and extremely robust storage infrastructure that plays well with your existing technology stack.

Agile platform

  • Unified: consolidate all workloads into one single storage system and allocate resources within seconds
  • Fast: quickly build, deploy, and scale your products and bring them to market
  • Lights-out: benefit from a major improvement in operations thanks to full automation capabilities and complete fault tolerance

Smart technology

  • High-performance: excellent performance in terms of throughput and for random IO workloads
  • Highly available: full fault tolerance, end-to-end checksums, and erasure coding keep your data available and safe
  • Automated and complete: Quobyte automatically replaces lost data and fences out malfunctioning devices – without any downtime. Manage and configure to your needs via API or our web UI


We have a Docker image and a volume plug-in at the ready to get your storage infrastructure for containers running in no time.


Fully OpenStack-integrated

Our drivers for Cinder and Nova are part of OpenStack, as is the Manila driver. You can also easily hook up Amazon S3 with our Keystone integration.


Eliminate Silos

One application – one storage system: Whether it’s local storage, an appliance or a software storage system, today’s storage is often locked into silos.

Amazon and Google demonstrate that cluster-level storage can solve all these problems and enable unprecedented scalability and agility.

With Quobyte, you can eliminate silos, too.

  • Remove unnecessarily demanding storage complexity
  • No particular storage expertise required
  • Enable resource sharing
  • Unlock full hardware utilization

Case Study

Managed hosting and cloud service provider SysEleven chose Quobyte to boost performance and ease operations for their public OpenStack cloud.

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