High-Performance Storage for Financial Modeling and Backtesting

Stay ahead in the hyper-competitive Algorithmic Trading market. Speed through millions of simulations with our high-throughput, low latency software solution. Improve quant productivity with a flexible, responsive, and easy-to-administer storage infrastructure.

Solution Brief

Get the answer on how to utilize your infrastructure more effectively in light of shrinking or frozen IT budgets. Stay ahead of the game and reduce the time required for backtesting iterations.

Win the Market Simulation Arms Race

Algorithmic Trading systems have changed the landscape of equity and futures trading considerably. High Frequency Trading applications convert time to money. While the number of companies using such technologies continues to rise, they compete against equally tooled companies.

Staying ahead in this competitive market means constantly refining your latest market simulating algorithm. What follows is lots and lots of walk-forward optimization and backtesting before rollout.

Illustration of a Financial Modeling and HPC workflow

Reduce Backtesting Bottlenecks

Running millions of strategies against years of historical tick data requires storage that maximizes IOPS while driving down latency. Quobyte supports simultaneous parallel file access from hundreds of compute nodes which significantly reduces your time spent on backtesting.

Scale Performance Linearly

Stay ahead of your ever-increasing workloads. Quobyte lets you linearly grow both capacity and performance. Storage nodes can be added live, eliminating the need for reconfiguration downtime. Clients can immediately make use of the added resources.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Deploy Quobyte on any hardware, even cluster nodes can be different. Update your hardware on your own schedule. Without any Kernel dependencies, Quobyte is the most flexible software-only storage solution in the market today.

Advanced Storage Architecture that Matches Your Trading Strategy

Challenges for your storage infrastructure

  • Massive amounts of small file simulation data
  • Time required for backtesting iterations
  • Shrinking or frozen IT budgets
  • Simultaneous access from hundreds of compute notes

Quobyte features

  • POSIX file system for seamless integration
  • High IOPS and a consistent sub-milisecond latency
  • “Lights-out” data center resiliency; self-healing
  • Parallel I/O delivers unrivaled throughput

Fast and Reliable Data Access

Delivering hyper-performance storage while maintaining data availability despite disk or network failures takes a holistic design approach. Quobyte storage was built to handle real-world failures and still remain operational.

True end-to-end checksums of every data block assure data integrity. Ultra-low latency and fast metadata operations keep up with the toughest small-file workloads. Hardware monitoring will offline an errant disk before it causes corruption, and self-healing heuristics route around node failures.

Quobyte Webconsole, API, and CLI

Highly Configurable Storage for Demanding Workloads in Finance

Optimize storage to your needs. Quobyte’s software storage delivers high performance, guarantees operational ease, and offers full flexibility.

  • Policy-driven data placement and tiering
  • 100% hardware and kernel independent
  • Hadoop, Docker, and OpenStack support
  • Erasure coding option, perfect for analytics and sequential workloads
  • End-to-end checksums assures data integrity

Built for the Future

With Quobyte, your storage will be future-ready. Our software provides persistent container storage (it can even be run inside of containers). Combine that with Kubernetes support and a powerful RESTful API and you’ve got an ultra-responsive solution for rapidly fluctuating workloads. Quobyte also supports OpenStack’s Cinder, Glance, Manila, and S3 interfaces, and is also compatible with Hadoop.

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