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Storage is the cornerstone for a successful OpenStack deployment and cloud strategy – for enterprises and research institutions alike. The demands on fast and secure access to volumes of data keep rising. Only a software storage system can deliver on those requirements.

Quobyte integrates seamlessly with OpenStack. Our drivers have been tried and tested since OpenStack’s beginnings. Our software enables fast and parallel storage, guarantees high availability, and is fully fault-tolerant. On top of that, it saves your admin staff valuable time by automating routine storage tasks.

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  Nov 13–15, 2018

 Talk: Supporting 90 Million Devices a Day Is Just The Beginning by Yusuke Sato, Yahoo! Japan and Felix Hupfeld, Quobyte
Wed, Nov 14, 2018 · 11:50am
Hall 7, Level 2, 7.2a/Helsinki 1


   City Cube, Berlin · View Map


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The Most Advanced Software Storage System for

Challenges for your storage infrastructure

  • Storage adds another layer of complexity to an already complex setup and maintenance
  • Data growth challenges storage capacity; truly scalable solutions are needed
  • Costly and maintenance-intensive hardware leads to storage silos
  • Administrative complexity and costs keep rising, especially at scale

Quobyte’s Features

  • Block, file, and object storage within one software storage system
  • Full range of drivers and plugins built into OpenStack for a seamless storage integration
  • High IOPS and a consistent sub-milisecond latency
  • Parallel I/O delivers unrivaled throughput
  • Linear scalability
  • „Lights-out“ data center resiliency; self-healing
  • Detailed monitoring for valuable insights into storage usage and dynamics
  • Device-level security and isolation

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