Container-Native Storage

Shared File Storage for Containers

Quobyte is a fully fault-tolerant distributed file system. It delivers low-latency and parallel throughput performance to your containerized applications. Run databases, scale-out applications, and big data analytics on one single infrastructure

Perfect fit

  • Compatible: drop-in replacement for NFS; runs any current Linux apps
  • High-performance: runs database servers as well as Big Data workloads
  • Powerful: implicit locking makes any Linux application fault-tolerant and highly available

Strong foundation

  • Fault-tolerant: no single point-of-failure and split-brain safe
  • Scalable: start with three servers, scale up to thousands
  • Batteries included: web console, API server, monitoring, and automation

Case Study

Quobyte turns Giant Swarm’s storage container-native and enables all-encompassing DevOps for their microservices infrastructure.

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Container-native storage

Quobyte’s data center file system is the technological peer to containers on the storage side and complements and completes containers with a state-of-the-art storage infrastructure.

Storage for DevOps

Our distributed file system brings storage infrastructure inside containers and paves the way for automation and management ease.

Legacy Support & Future-Ready

Run any containerized application on top of Quobyte – from legacy to parallel Big Data applications.

Rolling Updates

Running Quobyte inside containers allows for zero-downtime updates and maintenance.

Proven in Production

With over 10 years of experience and research in distributed systems, Quobyte runs most any mission-critical enterprise workload.

Works with your container stack

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Implicit Locking

With its POSIX-compatible file system, Quobyte provides restrictions-free storage. Any application is independent of the limits that local storage sets. One major benefit is fault-tolerance: when the current host dies, the application can be started on a different server and still access its data.

The issue
In a distributed environment, this can get you into troubled waters: a scheduler might erroneously suspect a host to be dead and reschedule the application on a different host. Even though the original instance is still alive, another application instance jumps in and the two of them start working on the same data. Data corruption ensues.

The solution
Starting with version 1.2, Quobyte has the solution: it transparently manages fault-tolerant locks for any file access and thereby ensures that only one application instance has access to the data. You can just deploy your application and don’t need to take measures for fault-tolernacen. Quobyte takes care of it on the storage side, eliminating further overhead.


Seamless Integration into Your Container Ecosystem

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Quobyte Volume Plug-in for Kubernetes

As of Kubernetes v1.4, Quobyte has a volume plugin at the ready. It enables a cluster-wide storage mount on Kubernetes and makes storage management and operations very easy.

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Quobyte Framework for Apache Mesos

In order to deploy Quobyte on a Mesos cluster, we’ve created a dedicated Quobyte-Mesos framework available on GitHub. The Quobyte Mesos Framework is certified for Mesosphere’s DC/OS, but can also be used to deploy Quobyte on independent Apache Mesos clusters.

The framework automatically detects Quobyte devices and schedules services accordingly. It also allows rolling out new Quobyte versions host by host without affecting data availability.

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Quobyte Docker Container and Volume Plug-in for Docker

While Quobyte is normally delivered as packaged software for most any Linux distribution, we’ve also created docker images for Quobyte’s deployment on container infrastructures (they come with your Quobyte distribution). There’s also a Quobyte volume plug-in for Docker at the ready.


Secure Storage Access in Container Infrastructures

Felix Hupfeld talks about how to do access control in container infrastructures. Our Kubernetes volume plugin delivers a clever solution to secure storage access.

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