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Quobyte and SUSE Rancher Partnership

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With container acceptance rapidly growing, Kubernetes (k8s) became a very important and popular tool to automatically manage containerized workloads and services. Some of the reasons Kubernetes has become so popular is because it provides great benefits such as container orchestration, automation, portability, availability, and much more. On top of all that, Kubernetes is a fully  open-source platform.

Kubernetes accelerates organizations’ digital transformation by enabling them to deploy their applications anywhere with ease of management. To take advantage of this, organizations create environments with multiple Kubernetes clusters, which creates a challenge – how to manage multiple clusters of the great scheduler. This is where SUSE Rancher plays an important role.

SUSE Rancher provides multi-cluster Kubernetes management everywhere. Some of the key benefits you get from SUSE Rancher include support of any certified Kubernetes distribution – offering RKE for on-premises workloads, and support to all public cloud distributions. SUSE Rancher also simplifies multi-cluster operations and provides version management, visibility, diagnostics, central audit and more. In addition, it unifies security, policy, and user management, and also provides a rich catalog of services for building, deploying, and scaling containerized applications.

SUSE Rancher enables you to deploy Kubernetes clusters anywhere and manage as many clusters as needed in their environment; this is why we are so proud to be partners with them, and to have Quobyte in SUSE Ranchers’ marketplace. Kubernetes focuses on container management, and much more, but storage is out of its realm; this means that you need to provide it.

Providing the right storage for hundreds of Kubernetes clusters can be a challenging and costly task. But not with Quobyte. Being a cloud native storage solution, you can deploy Quobyte on any server, any platform, anywhere. It provides complete storage security for persistent volumes, and high-performance storage for demanding workloads. 

Since containerized applications can run anywhere, you need software-defined storage, like Quobyte, which is hardware and cloud agnostic. Quobyte runs on any x86 server, enabling you to provide storage to clusters on-prem. At the same time, you can provide storage to your clusters in the public cloud. This gives you the ultimate benefit of hybrid cloud deployment.

Additionally, Quobyte provides a high level of data security for Kubernetes clusters. Some of the security features include 

  • Simple to deploy, software-defined storage and management policies enforce security best practices
  • TLS encrypts data as it moves both between clients and servers and among servers, even when running multiple clusters
  • Integrated access control, so X.509 certificates and access keys authenticate users and limit their actions
  • Multitenancy to allow you to serve storage to hundreds of clusters with each user having its own credentials to access their data. This adds an extra layer of security as it prevents users from accidentally or deliberately deleting or accessing other users’ data.
  • Kafka logs metadata, data access, and change events, creating a record of who accessed what file when, for audits, security analysis, and data forensics.

Moreover, users deploy all kinds of applications with different storage needs on Kubernetes. To address this, Quobyte delivers high-performance storage to meet all applications storage requirements. Also giving, you have the ability to add more servers to linearly increase your performance or capacity whenever your applications demand it. 

With our partnership with SUSE Rancher, you have the flexibility to deploy Quobyte with just a few clicks, and provide fault-tolerant, secured, high-performance storage to all your clusters. This enables you to manage all your Kubernetes clusters while providing you with reliable data storage.

To learn more about this partnership visit our Quobyte and SUSE Rancher page.

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