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New Features in Quobyte Release 3.22

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In version 3.22 we added a number of features that make it easier to understand what kind of data is stored in your cluster and how to optimize your policies:

1. Quobyte File Query Engine

With this exciting new feature admins and users can scan and find matching files in a matter of seconds. The file query engine scans the file metadata in parallel, offers a broad range of metadata – including extended attributes – to scan and is orders of magnitude faster than a find command.

You can find more information in our blog post or in the documentation.

The Quobyte File Query Engine Example

2. Enhanced Volume Reports

The histograms for file age, size etc. now include the count and aggregate capacity used by the files. This makes it easier to see if the space is used by many small files or larger files.

In addition, the bar graphs now show the storage tiers (SSD, HDD…) separately and have an on-hover function to show details.

You can now also run volume reports across the entire cluster (aggregating data from all volumes) with:

qmgmt query analyze-all-volumes

3. Devices by Policy

The Devices tab offers a new “Group by Placement Policy” option. With this grouping you will see an entry for every device tag with the policies that use it.

You get an overview of the devices in the tag group (you could call that a pool), how many are offline/unavailable, and how many devices media types are in the group.

In addition, the diagram shows you how balanced the data is on the devices in this group.

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