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5 Reasons Quobyte Storage Enables Stronger Cryo-EM Solutions

By  Björn Kolbeck  on  

In a recent post, we discussed the technological advances happening around protein folding, crystallography, atomic-resolution visualization, and modeling. Success in this space carries the promise of life sciences labs being able to study existing, unmapped proteins with unprecedented speed, which in turn assists new predictive modeling techniques. Collectively, these advances may lead to cures to […] READ MORE


Keep IT running – Quobyte at the 5x5km Relay Race in Berlin

By  Sebastian Bünker  on  

For a second time, the Quobyte team participated in the Berliner Wasserbetriebe 5x5km team relay race through Berlin’s Tiergarten. Last year’s debut turned out to be quite the success among team members – which you can tell by the fact that the running virus spread and resulted in a second team joining the fun. While […] READ MORE


On Working at Quobyte

Posted by  Quobyte  on  

This post was written by our intern Austin Wu. He first posted it over at his blog and was kind enough to let us crosspost it here. The pictures are also his.   Working at Quobyte was great. I was able to work on a sophisticated software project, and I learned so much about the […] READ MORE


Storage on Wheels: Meet Quobyte at these Upcoming Events

By  Christina Matern  on  

Over the next few weeks you’ll find Quobyte at a bunch of events. Just drop by our brand new booth or listen to one of Felix’ insightful talks. We’re also eager to get in touch directly and answer any questions you might have or help you to get started with and benefit from the advantages […] READ MORE