Quobyte and SUSE Rancher Partnership


Reading Time: 3 minutes With container acceptance rapidly growing, Kubernetes (k8s) became a very important and popular tool to automatically manage containerized workloads and services. Some of the reasons Kubernetes has become so popular is because it provides great benefits such as container orchestration, automation, portability, availability, and much more. On top of all that, Kubernetes is a fully  […]

How Kubernetes Storage with Quobyte Works

Storage for Kubernetes

Reading Time: 3 minutes Quobyte Core Services These services run on worker nodes with local drives (nvme, HDD…) and implement the actual Quobyte file system. We recommend running these services on a pool of dedicated worker nodes to avoid the negative impact of other workloads on the file system performance. As an alternative, you can run the entire Quobyte […]

Key Benefits of Software-Defined Storage with Quobyte

software-defined storage

Reading Time: 4 minutes Software-defined storage can mean something completely different, depending on who (or better which vendor) you ask. For us at Quobyte it’s simple. To get all the benefits of software for your storage, you need real software storage: An entire storage system in software that runs on standard off-the-shelf servers. Only when you break the reliance […]

IBM GPFS / Spectrum Scale Alternative and Comparison


Reading Time: 3 minutes The cloud has changed the user’s expectations for enterprise storage: Today, users expect instant provisioning of new storage, “unlimited” scalability, 24/7 uptime, and storage that can handle a wide variety of workloads – from traditional databases to massive scale-out workloads like machine learning or big data analytics. Enterprise storage systems need to keep up with […]

Evolve or Die: Don’t Let Central IT Doom You With a “Dinostore”

Dinosaur in Data Center

Reading Time: 5 minutes I was at a conference of cryo-EM scientists recently, and if you read our recent blog posts about cryo-EM and 3D protein modelling, you know that these scientists are some of the most data-hungry, bandwidth-constrained specialists in the world. They need infrastructure able to absorb and manage petabytes for both immediate, large-scale analysis and long-term, full-fidelity storage. […]

Dell EMC Isilon / Power Scale Alternative and Comparison


Reading Time: 2 minutes Over the last five years, massive scale-out workloads have arrived in the enterprise. Driven by new big data analytics technologies like Hadoop or Spark, or more recently machine learning (ML) and AI, enterprises today have to deal with unprecedented amounts of data. In some domains, the data growth has been driven by hardware innovations such […]

BeeGFS Alternative and Comparison


Reading Time: 2 minutes Scale-out workloads used to be the domain of high-performance computing (HPC). However, over the past couple of years scale-out workloads have arrived in the enterprise with applications like machine learning or big data/analytics. Enterprise environments, and increasingly HPC users, require 24/7 availability of the storage system. What is BeeGFS? BeeGFS is an open-source, parallel file […]

Secure Kubernetes Workloads with the Right Storage Solution

Container storage security

Reading Time: 4 minutes New holes emerge as enterprises embrace containers Increasingly, corporations are in the data business, they collect more of it, they rely on it to make key decisions, and it essentially drives the business. However, they are not good at protecting it. Why? Most data analytic applications are built on modern architectures, like containers and Kubernetes, […]

Keep Pace with Kubernetes Storage Demands

Kubernetes Storage Demands

Reading Time: 4 minutes Kubernetes, the popular container management system, offers enterprises many benefits: agility, scalability, faster development, and management. Consequently, the open source orchestration software has quickly been gaining traction. One ripple effect is that many enterprise storage systems are struggling to keep pace with its growth. As a result, enterprises need to look at their storage solutions […]

Quobyte Storage Helps Tiny Plankton Yield Massive Insights

Reading Time: 7 minutes Summary: Detailed, data-driven analysis of plankton can yield remarkable insights into the state of oceanic health and the world’s food chain. Collecting and crunching that data relies on efforts by Oregon State University’s Hatfield Marine Science Center and the OSU Center for Quantitative Life Sciences. Executing this ongoing big data project requires very powerful IT […]