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AI Storage: An Honest Look at Artificial Intelligence’s Data Needs

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Founded in 1955 as merely an academic discipline, artificial intelligence (AI) has grown to become a wide-ranging branch of computer science concerned with building smart machines capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence.

Ideally, AI should have the ability to rationalize and take actions that have the best chance of achieving a specific goal (such as learning, reasoning, and perception). But how can a computer achieve these goals?

By developing algorithms used to collect and analyze data.

Data management alone is a huge task for any AI company. It involves accessing data from various sources, guaranteeing acceptable levels of data quality, integrating information with a variety of applications/systems as needed, multi-tenancy to isolate customer data, and storing/processing data files to serve business needs.

To do this, and do this right, you need a reliable and scalable storage infrastructure to meet your ever-evolving data needs.

Enter Quobyte.


Quobyte – AI Storage Redefined

Quobyte’s fast and efficient storage software solution helps some of the world’s brightest AI minds to maximize the management and utilization of the data they collect.

In a recent discussion with a Quobyte customer, pioneer, and leader in AI, we found that although smaller in size, Quobyte’s powerful solution can stand up to even its biggest competitors.

This AI customer formerly held all of its data on Pure but they quickly found that Pure didn’t offer the scalability they truly needed.

As mentioned in AI it’s all about data and not just the amount of data you have, but how you manage that data and extract value from it.

When asked what was most important, their infrastructure expert said:

“It’s always a fight between the amount of storage you need and the cost. [With Quobyte] you get a solid product that can run on any hardware. It’s easy to install, easy to understand, it’s scalable and inexpensive. It just checks all the boxes.”

Since AI is a collection of technologies that excel at extracting insights and patterns from large sets of data, then making predictions based on that information it’s extremely important that the storage technology they use is just as advanced.

With Quobyte you get that needed scalable performance that can handle up to 100s of PBs so you can work with these very large and growing data sets. So don’t try to “predict” what you think may or may not work and risk your valuable data.

Trust us and trust our customers. Trust Quobyte.

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