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Fireside Chat with 3vGeomatics

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In a fireside chat with Joe Chapman, IT Manager at 3vGeomatics, Quobyte’s CEO and Co-founder Bjorn Kolbeck discussed how 3vGeomatics, an InSAR company is helping to solve complex problems. Following is a brief summary of the conversation:

3vGeomatics’ goal is to make InSAR contribute to all assets, life, and environmental protection. 

With the advent of space technology over the years, they now get near real-time reports, helping them make real-time decisions. These reports help their customers plan and operationalize ongoing and future developments. 

3vG’s process to retrieve valuable information from satellite images is very complex, often pixel by pixel from very large images. Their data balloons very big, constantly expands and shrinks, and expectedly, is very hard on their storage system.

Bjorn probed the demanding workload on the compute and enquired about the HPC nature of 3vGeomatics’ storage infrastructure. Joe confirmed that even though 3vG is an InSAR company, the data processing demands an HPC environment.

Joe detailed his IT background before joining 3vG and how here he was tasked to scale their storage systems. He explained that Quobyte’s unified approach to storage really caught his attention as it allowed him to get away from siloed storage solutions, the fact that one can access it from the native client, NFS, S3, etc. was really attractive.


Quobyte unleashed our performance, “It was like night and day”


3vG’s earlier setup had them reschedule jobs frequently as these would get locked up on IO, particularly on NFS. These lockups were completely resolved by Quobyte, in addition to the 10x throughput they saw with Quobyte. 

3vG went from 4 to 18 servers in just a year of deploying Quobyte, Joe said “You just buy the hardware, install it, and plug it in the cluster. It’s awesome.”

Quobyte makes an admins’ life easy too – It efficiently takes care of a failing hard drive by replicating the contents of the drive someplace else and by giving you a warning. You can then go and remove it when it’s convenient. You are not required to shut down a whole server to fix one piece of hardware. 


“No more office-wide shutdowns, because we have to fix on a storage server.”


This translates to happy admins, operators, end-users, almost everybody touching/using the storage environment. You are not at risk of losing data, man-hours, or money because a server went down. 

Time and monetary savings from Quobyte have enabled 3vGeomatics to focus on things that matter, making the world a better place one space image at a time. 


You can watch the entire conversation here.


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