Quobyte Free Edition

Up to 150 TB free forever, for testing and production.
Deploy anywhere: On prem, on the cloud or in containers.

$ wget https://www.quobyte.com/install;bash install

Data Center File System

Quobyte’s next-generation file system unifies file, block and object storage for enterprise and scientific applications. Backed by a decade of research, its parallel file system core serves low-latency and high-throughput workloads within a single system.


Linear Scalability

Starting with four servers, Quobyte can be extended drive by drive and server by server. As a shared-nothing architecture, its IOPS and throughput scales linearly with every added resource.


Lights-Out Operations

High availability and data protection is baked into the Quobyte software, because all hardware eventually fails. Together with extensive management functionality, Quobyte handles failures automatically and enables non-disruptive upgrades.


What Our Customers Say

MX1 icon

Quobyte is the rock-solid foundation on which we build our media applications. It allows us to focus on delivering content to our customers knowing with absolute confidence that the data is safe. Also, the real-time analytics provide us with a granular visibility that allows for an incredibly sophisticated storage management.


Markus Prahl

VP of Global IT at MX1
SysEleven Logo

Quobyte​​ does what Ceph can't do: saturate the network and deliver write latency that matches what the network provides. All of that wrapped in API, CLI and GUI that can be automated. Scalable distributed storage that delivers filer performance.


Kristian Köhntopp

Senior Scalability Engineer (now at Booking.com)
Photo of Kristian Köhntopp
Points Logo

We migrated to Kubernetes and Quobyte for scalability and performance reasons. The combo allowed us to significantly grow the volume of transactions while at the same time reducing transaction times. And the dashboard is one of the best things ever! Being able to easily understand exactly what’s going on in the storage cluster is worth its weight in gold.


Michael Laccetti

Principal Engineer, Points
Photo of Michael Laccetti

Great companies get great results with Quobyte

Customer Airbus
Customer MX1
Customer Yahoo!Japan
Customer Syseleven
Customer onOffice

Two Easy Ways to get Started With Quobyte

Instant Quobyte Container Demo

Have a single-machine demo running in a container within a minute. Great if you want to see what Quobyte looks like and test Linux apps on Quobyte.

Start the demo on your local Linux machine with docker:

$ curl https://www.quobyte.com/instant-demo.sh | bash
Learn more about this demo

Install a Quobyte Cluster in Minutes

Install and run Quobyte on as many servers and clients you want. Works on bare metal and cloud VMs. All you need are 4 servers with ssh login and sudo permission.

  1. Sign up for a trial version and download the installer
  2. Install clients and servers with our guided automated installer
  3. Run your applications on Quobyte for reliable, fast storage


What’s in a Data Center File System?

Dive in and read our deep dive into Quobyte’s architecture and learn how a horizontal storage infrastructure will benefit your business.


Yahoo! JAPAN Uses Quobyte

The internet giant overcomes issues of running infrastructure at scale by unifying file, block, and object storage for low-latency and high-throughput workloads within a single system.