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With Quobyte’s high-performance file and object storage you have the freedom to deploy anywhere - any server, any cloud - scale performance and manage large amounts of data while simplifying administration.

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Keep it simple

Quobyte was designed with one goal in mind: to make your life easier. That’s why we make storage simple with a straightforward download and install (no tedious or complex configuration, no kernel modules), allowing ease of management.


Deploy anywhere®
any server, any cloud

The ability to deploy anywhere means that you get to choose where you install your software storage solution. Whether it’s on new or existing hardware, in the cloud, or a combination of the two, Quobyte lets you pick what works best for your needs.

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Work on your schedule

From software updates to adding or removing nodes, everything is 100% non-disruptive in Quobyte. That way you can work whenever it’s convenient for you. So say goodbye to maintenance windows and say hello to free up your nights and weekends.


Break down data storage silos

Quobyte helps you to overcome the challenges of managing your data more effectively and efficiently by eliminating these barriers, which can cause reduced productivity or missed opportunities for growth.

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Scale your performance

A Quobyte cluster scales linearly so you can always add more hardware to deliver more performance - and capacity, without diminishing returns. We built our architecture without performance bottlenecks, which is also why we ditched NFS.


Optimal cost and performance

Flash is great for performance. HDDs are cost-effective. Most workloads need both and Quobyte software storage gives you the ability to combine the two transparently in the same cluster.

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Our Customers

STFC Quobyte Cluster


Find out how the Science and Facilities Technology Council (STFC) manages 52 PB of data - and growing - on Quobyte for their Jasmine supercomputer.

Yahoo! JAPAN office

Yahoo! JAPAN

Yahoo! JAPAN uses Quobyte to deliver scale-out storage to their OpenStack and Kubernetes platforms and AI applications.

3vGeomatics visualization


3vGeomatics switched to Quobyte to get rid of their storage bottleneck and unleash the full power of their parallel processing pipeline.

Quobyte Provides Scalable Storage for the Most Demanding Workloads

Financial Services

Financial Services

Data this valuable needs a software storage solution with faster results and better-scale out so you can transform your data into a competitive differentiator.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning / AI

Unmatched performance and scalability for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence workflows.

High Performance Computing

High-Performance Computing

Work like a hyperscaler and remove complexity while gaining functionality, reliability, and scalability.

Media and Entertainment

Media & Entertainment

Focus on your content and creativity. Let us focus on your storage.

Kubernetes k8s

Kubernetes Storage

Storage for Kubernetes doesn’t have to be hard – Quobyte makes it easy.

Big Data

Big Data / Enterprise Analytics

Scale-out solutions for today’s ever-increasing large amounts of data.

Life Science and Bio IT

Life Science / Bio IT

Meet the challenges of ever-growing data and processing demands with a simple and easy to scale-out software solution

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DCIG 2022 Top 5 Life Science Storage

DCIG named Quobyte Top 5 Solution

Read the DCIG report on the Top 5 storage solutions for life science.

CryoEM workflows

Storage for CryoEM Workflows

Fast and Easy-to-Use Storage for CryoEM Workflows with Quobyte.

Storage Security

Storage Security Essentials

Read our blog post on Storage Security: Is Your Data Protected With These Essential Features?

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