Get your hands on Quobyte’s newest major release. More flexible, easier to configure, and massively extensible. The storage platform for all your workloads.

Data Center File System

Quobyte’s next-generation file system unifies file, block and object storage for enterprise and scientific applications. Backed by a decade of research, its parallel file system core serves low-latency and high-throughput workloads within a single system.


Linear Scalability

Starting with four servers, Quobyte can be extended drive by drive and server by server. As a shared-nothing architecture, its IOPS and throughput scales linearly with every added resource.


Lights-Out Operations

All hardware will fail, so we built high availability and data protection into every component. Together with extensive management functionality, Quobyte handles failures automatically and enables non-disruptive upgrades.


Distributed Storage at its Best

Unified Access

Quobyte is an all-access pass for your data: eliminate storage silos and share all your data within a single system.

Volume Mirroring

Benefit from strong disaster recovery with continuous, asynchronous mirroring across geographies and clouds.

Simplified Install

Quobyte software installs and configures in just minutes. Its smart data placement engine reduces complexity and management overhead.

Great companies get great results with Quobyte

From SMBs to large enterprises, storage teams love Quobyte.

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What you can do with Quobyte

Whatever your needs, Quobyte will have a solutions for most any use case.

HPC and Big Data

High-performance scratch and archival storage for your Big Data applications

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OpenStack and VMs

The one-stop software solution for all your OpenStack storage needs

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Hosting and Service Providers

Get rid of storage silos and benefit from reliable and unified storage

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Container Infrastructures

Put storage inside containers to keep up with their agility and scale without limits

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Video and Media Production

Raw power and highest data safety for your video and content

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Financial Services

High throughput and low latency storage to boost your financial modeling and backtesting

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Life Sciences

High-IOPS, scale-out storage for space-efficient capacity growth to keep your storage needs in check.

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Make the most of your storage infrastructure

Quobyte is part of your technology toolkit

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How to Get Started

Quobyte Web Console

Install in less than 1 hour

Download and install our packages, start the Quobyte services and initialize the drives. That's all you need to get a Quobyte storage system up and running. Quobyte runs on all major Linux distributions and supports Windows and Mac clients.

WebGUI, Command Line Interface and Code Snippet

Batteries included: Use a complete set of management tools

With our graphical user interface you can manage, monitor, configure and trouble-shoot your installation from anywhere with a few clicks. And if you don't like GUIs, Quobyte also holds a command line tool and a REST API at the ready.


What’s in a Data Center File System?

Dive in and read all about Quobyte’s inner workings and how a horizontal storage infrastructure will benefit your business.

Quobyte is built upon ten years of research in distributed systems and the development of the open source parallel file system XtreemFS.

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