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Unlike the traditional enterprise storage you are used to, Quobyte was designed with simplicity in mind. As a 100% software storage solution, you can easily download and install Quobyte in mere minutes.

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Quobyte is cool – liquid nitrogen cool

OHSU relies on Quobyte when using cryogenically cooled electron microscopes as they investigate how proteins affect the brain, the COVID virus, serotonin neural processes, aging, and the myriad other aspects of human and other organisms’ biology.

Featured Case Study

OHSU Streamlines Their Data Processing Workflows with Quobyte

Thanks to Quobyte, OHSU no longer needs to worry about real-time data processing jobs running into barriers due to storage limitations.

Featured Use-Case

How To Choose The Best Storage For Cryo-EM

Researchers require storage solutions that scalably address capacity and performance challenges while providing data protection

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Get Started With Quobyte

In just a few easy steps you could be enjoying all the benefits Quobyte has to provide – on prem, in the cloud, hybrid or in Kubernetes.

Significantly reduce storage cost

Quobyte is a scale-out, distributed parallel file system that helps you slash storage costs – both capex and opex – while also providing exceptional agility and flexibility.

Deploy anywhere®

Quobyte is the only 100% software storage that you can easily download and install on any x86 server, public clouds, or Kubernetes. That’s truly real software-defined storage.

Scalable performance

A Quobyte cluster scales linearly so you can always add more hardware to get more performance – and capacity, without diminishing returns. Now that’s real scalable, high-performance storage.

Unconditional simplicity

Storage doesn’t need to be complicated. That’s why unlike traditional software-defined storage solutions Quobyte is simple – from installation to production.

The Blueprint of Our Technology

How Quobyte Enables Hybrid Cloud Strategies

Hybrid cloud strategies must include a storage platform that enables it to deliver scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness to organizations.

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Happy Customers Speak

After an easy installation, you can extend capacity as needed, rely on excellent performance, and benefit from extreme robustness – with everything wrapped into a single system: that’s what storage has to be like today!

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Storage for the Most Demanding Workloads

From install to exabyte, Quobyte provides fast, scalable storage to even the most demanding applications and users.

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