Software Storage That Just Works

Unified Software Storage

All Workloads

Unified high-performance file, block, and object storage (POSIX and Windows file systems, NFS, HDFS, S3).

Complete Software Storage System


A full-stack storage system with inventory management, monitoring, automation, graphical console and API.

Software Defined Storage


Build a horizontal storage infrastructure from heterogeneous server hardware and avoid vendor lock-in.

A Genuine Data Center File System


Scale out from four nodes to entire data centers and beyond in no time. Handle petabytes of data with ease.


High availability and fault tolerance protect you against misbehaving hardware and network splits – and whatever else can go wrong in a data center.


Policy-based data placement that enables partitioning, isolation and tiering – and allows reconfiguration at any time.

How Your Business Will Benefit

Unified Software Storage

The Foundation of a Software-Defined Data Center

Public cloud providers like Amazon have set a new benchmark for enterprise infrastructure in terms of agility and cost. These improvements have been made possible by new software technologies that employ standard server and networking equipment as a raw resource and provide an infrastructure that is not dependent on individual pieces of hardware.

With Quobyte’s software storage system, IT teams of all sizes benefit from the latest generation of distributed systems technology and can build infrastructures with game-changing qualities.

A New Level of Agility

Quobyte’s unparalleled policy-driven configuration decouples storage from its physical ties and makes it a truly software-defined storage. Data is no longer bound to physical resources. When business demands change, the assignment of resources can be easily and quickly adapted – no hardware reconfiguration or service adaptations necessary and without any disruptions. Infrastructure is managed in a future-proof way: the decoupling of hardware from infrastructure administration and the applications themselves allow IT teams to work more independently and enable DevOps best practices and self-service management.

Lowering TCO and Freeing Resources

Quobyte’s technology combines resilience and policy-defined configuration in a way that enables a much lower TCO for infrastructure. Hardware failures are handled automatically, degrading hardware to a mere resource. Hardware problems are no longer a sure-fire way to affect service quality. Instead of caring for individual pieces, hardware is serviced when new resources are needed. Even huge infrastructures can be run with a limited amount of active care, freeing manpower for important infrastructure projects.

Standard Equipment

The data center of the future is built from standard server hardware and high-performance Ethernet equipment. The commodity hardware foundation allows choosing and mixing hardware and hardware service models from different vendors in a customized way – depending only on the needs of your business.

Where Quobyte Excels

Quobyte takes on all workloads at any scale.
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How to Get Started

Quobyte Web Console

Easy to Install and Manage on All Major Linux Distributions

Just install our packages, start the Quobyte services and initialize the drives. That's all you need to get a Quobyte storage system up and running – in less than an hour.

WebGUI, Command Line Interface and Code Snippet

Batteries Included: Complete Set of Management Tools

With our graphical user interface you can manage, monitor, configure and trouble-shoot your installation from anywhere with a few clicks – and if you don't like GUIs, Quobyte also holds a command line tool and a REST API ready.

Services Logos

Well-Integrated with Today’s Technologies

With its standard file system interface and its wide range of integrations, Quobyte is a drop-in storage solution for a wide range of use cases and infrastructure technologies, from virtual machine and container infrastructures to Big Data use cases.

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